FanTV onboards 1 million+ new user accounts to Sui

  • FanTV, fastest-growing socialFi dApp went live on Sui Mainnet last week
  • Sui’s total active accounts ballooned by an impressive 2.6 million in the past week, with FanTV contributing 48% of this growth

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and social media, I’m thrilled to witness the impressive growth of FanTV on Sui Mainnet. The fact that FanTV contributed 48% of the recent 2.6 million wallet growth on Sui is a clear indication of its impact and popularity within the Web3 ecosystem.

In Dubai on May 28, 2024, FanTV, a prominent SocialFi platform for the Creator economy, reported an impressive achievement: over one million new user accounts joined Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform, through FanTV. This milestone represents nearly half (48%) of the total wallet growth on Sui during the previous week. The substantial increase in users underscores the success of merging blockchain technology with social media platforms, leading to heightened engagement and expanded reach for decentralized networks. With FanTV’s integration of Sui, we witness a crucial moment in the widespread adoption of blockchain solutions within the content streaming sector.

Prashan Agarwal, former CEO of Gaana and a leading figure in India’s music streaming scene with $115M in funding from Tencent, has established FanTV. This innovative platform, which blends Create / Watch to Earn functionality, is bridging the gap between web2 user experience and web3 ecosystem. On FanTV, both Users and Creators can generate points based on engagement and content production. These points are subsequently exchanged for the platform token, enabling users to utilize it for various purposes such as promoting content, rewarding creators, purchasing creator keys, subscriptions, and so forth. With a user base exceeding 4 million individuals and over 20,000 creators, FanTV’s integration into Sui significantly bolsters its growth, onboarding more than one million wallets to Web3 and reinforcing its position in bringing the masses to the Web3 revolution.

Prashan Agarwal, Founder and CEO of FanTV, expressed enthusiasm about reaching this significant accomplishment. He shared, “Our collaboration with Sui has allowed us to offer more benefits to our users. As the most rapidly expanding consumer social dApp, FanTV is dedicated to pushing boundaries in blockchain technology, user interaction, and innovative ways for creators to earn income. This surge in well-known digital wallets is merely the start of what we can accomplish jointly. Our ambition is to disintermediate the creator economy, and this development brings us closer to that goal.”

“Thanks to FanTV’s latest collaboration with Sui, we now witness firsthand Sui’s impressive ability to manage sudden increases in wallet activity without disrupting user experience, as expressed by Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of Sui Foundation. This significant expansion is a powerful demonstration of the benefits of partnership and ingenuity, and we look forward to observing further expansion and acceptance within the Sui community.”

FanTV intends to accelerate its growth on a global scale by bringing on board over 100,000 creators and amassing a user base of 10 million within the next year.

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About FanTV

FanTV is a cutting-edge content creation platform, empowering anyone to produce, enjoy, and earn rewards. Bridging the divide between conventional video streaming services and the Web3 experience, FanTV asserts that everyone possesses creativity, yet lacks adequate resources or visibility in crowded centralized markets. Our mission is to shift this dynamic by providing all users with the necessary tools for creation, fueled by AI advancements, and decentralizing content ownership and discovery.

FanTV onboards 1 million+ new user accounts to Sui

FanTV’s vision is to attract the next billion users to Web3 by empowering the creator economy and democratizing content ownership. 

About Sui

As a researcher exploring the blockchain landscape, I’m excited to introduce you to Sui, a pioneering Layer 1 platform developed from scratch to ensure fast, private, secure, and accessible digital asset ownership for all. Powered by the Move programming language and an object-centric model, Sui offers parallel execution capabilities, sub-second finality, and rich on-chain assets. With its horizontally scalable processing and storage, this innovative platform supports a diverse range of applications at unmatched speeds, all while keeping costs low. Sui represents a significant leap forward in blockchain technology and serves as an ideal foundation for creators and developers to build engaging, user-friendly experiences.

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