FalconX Launches FX Desk with BCB Group Hires, Expands Access to 20 Forex Pairs

As a researcher with a background in the crypto and financial markets, I’m thrilled about FalconX’s latest move to launch an FX desk in London. The FX market is the largest financial market in the world, but crypto companies have long faced challenges when it comes to accessing fiat currency. This development is significant because it addresses those issues head-on and provides crypto entities with deeper liquidity on a wide range of top fiat currency pairs.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to hear about FalconX’s latest development – the launch of a new FX desk in London. This move is designed to strengthen their market presence and broaden their service offerings for crypto trading firms, exchanges, and brokers like myself. With this new desk, I can look forward to accessing 20 different forex pairs, including major currencies such as the US dollar, euro, and British pound. This expansion will undoubtedly enhance my trading experience with FalconX.

The Forex market holds the title as the largest financial market globally, yet companies dealing with cryptocurrencies have often faced challenges when it comes to converting their digital assets into fiat currency.
Today, we’re helping solve those problems. 🔥🔥🔥
Introducing the new FalconX FX desk, offering deep liquidity on a wide range of top fiat currency…
— FalconX (@falconxnetwork) May 28, 2024

As a researcher studying the financial industry, I would describe this development as follows: I’m part of the team at FalconX working on expanding our services. Our goal is to make it easier for crypto entities to interact with fiat currency markets. Historically, these entities have faced numerous challenges in accessing such markets. By addressing these barriers, we aim to provide a more seamless experience for our clients.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about the latest development from BCB Group, where I hold some of my investments. The team leading this new initiative is made up of experienced professionals in the industry, with Ben Sebley at the helm as head of the operation. Richard Usher has been appointed as the head of FX trading, while Lux Thiagarajah will be taking on the role of head of commercial FX. Together, these five individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both crypto and traditional financial markets.

Enhancing Liquidity and Fund Movements

As a crypto investor, I’m always on the lookout for reliable platforms that can cater to my institutional needs. One such platform that stands out is FalconX. This leading digital asset prime broker boasts an impressive portfolio, claiming the title of the world’s largest in this sector. With FalconX, I have access to trading, financing, and custody services for over 400 different crypto tokens.

Historically, crypto companies have struggled to access the fiat markets, which remain the largest financial markets in the world. FalconX’s new FX desk will deal with these constraints, boosting access to deep, low-cost liquidity on a wide range of top fiat currency pairs. Austin Reid, global head of revenue and business, highlighted that institutional investors, including hedge funds and market makers, will benefit from the FX liquidity provided by the new desk. As a result, this would streamline fund movements across traditional currency pairs with same-day settlement options. He added:

“At a pivotal time for the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies and traditional markets, FalconX’s latest foreign exchange desk innovates by smoothly blending crypto and fiat assets. This groundbreaking development establishes a new standard for both efficiency and seamless integration within the evolving capital markets.”

The FX desk is set to provide simplified trading options for businesses specializing in financial markets, market makers, and individual retail brokers, according to the statement.

For brokers seeking access to substantial, affordable liquidity in fiat currency, FalconX offers an attractive solution to deliver superior customer experiences at reduced costs.

Bridging the Gap

FalconX is continuously working to transform institutional cryptocurrency trading by bringing it closer to conventional financial markets. In the past month, they introduced Prime Connect, a platform enabling institutions to trade on exchanges while keeping their funds in secure, regulated custody. Additional features like post-trade settlement, advanced credit facilities, and portfolio margining further expand FalconX’s institutional offerings.

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2024-05-28 12:51