Economist Predicts 90% Chance Bitcoin Hits New High By March 2025

As a crypto investor with a background in technology and economics, I find Timothy Peterson’s analysis intriguing and well-grounded. His use of Metcalfe’s Law and the concept of the “Never Look Back Price” provides a unique perspective on Bitcoin’s growth trajectory that goes beyond short-term market fluctuations.

In a recent prediction published on X on Friday, renowned network economist and crypto analyst Timothy Peterson expressed a high level of confidence that the price of Bitcoin will surge in the next eight months. Specifically, he stated with great certainty that Bitcoin is expected to set a new all-time high (ATH) before March 2025.

Peterson, renowned for his works such as “Metcalfe’s Law as a Model for Bitcoin’s Value,” relies on the theoretical framework outlined in his research paper titled “Lowest Price Forward: An Unconventional Perspective on Bitcoin’s Price Trend.” Published initially in 2019 and later revised, this groundbreaking study introduces an alternative method to interpreting Bitcoin’s price trend by zeroing in on its historical lowest prices. These lowest prices are referred to as the “Never Sink Again Price” (NSAP), representing the last occasion Bitcoin was transacted at a specific price level, which it has not revisited since.

As a researcher studying the long-term growth patterns of Bitcoin using Peterson’s methodology, I adjust and plot the NLB data points on an unconventional lognormal scale coupled with a “square root time” scale. This unique metric enables me to gain deeper insights into Bitcoin’s development, allowing for effective comparisons with technology adoption diffusion processes observed in various domains.

Bitcoin Adoption Is Key

As a researcher studying the economic value of Bitcoin, I focus on Metcalfe’s Law as a fundamental concept. I explain this principle in simple terms as “the worth of a network grows in proportion to the square of its user count.” Applying this notion to Bitcoin, I argue that its value will increase exponentially as more users adopt the digital currency. In my paper, I propose using a “square root time” model to reconcile traditional monetary concepts with non-linear growth rates prevalent in network economics. This approach provides a persuasive framework for understanding potential future valuation trends of Bitcoin.

Economist Predicts 90% Chance Bitcoin Hits New High By March 2025

As a researcher studying the investment strategies surrounding Bitcoin, I find Peterson’s approach particularly intriguing due to its emphasis on conservative financial analysis. Instead of focusing on the highest Bitcoin prices in history, this method prioritizes the lowest ones. The rationale behind this is that by adopting a lower price perspective, the analysis becomes more cautious and less prone to overestimation. This conservative stance helps minimize the risk of overvaluation, ensuring that any predictions are grounded in realistic and attainable scenarios rather than relying heavily on optimistic, but potentially unrealizable, circumstances.

In Peterson’s research article, he acknowledges the presence of irregularities and price manipulations that may skew Bitcoin’s value assessment. By concentrating on the Neutral Liquidity Basis (NLB), the investigation eliminates these distortions, providing a clearer perspective on Bitcoin’s worth growth that is untouched by transient market speculation or unexpected external factors such as the unusual market conditions caused by COVID-19 in 2021.

Peterson’s projection of Bitcoin reaching a new record high before March 2025 signifies a stronger belief in the enduring expansion of the Bitcoin network. As the adoption rate increases and network effects strengthen the significance of Bitcoin, this forecast is not just a gamble but is based on verifiable trends derived from historical data.

Peterson posits that so long as Bitcoin adoption persists, its value, symbolized by its NLB price, will rise. Conversely, if the adoption process encounters obstacles, the price may level off or decline.

At press time, BTC traded at $58,192.

Economist Predicts 90% Chance Bitcoin Hits New High By March 2025

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2024-07-11 11:10