XRP Set To Skyrocket 60,000% On Tightest Bollinger Bands Ever: Analyst

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in technical analysis, I find Matt “The Great Mattsby” Hughes’ insights on XRP‘s potential price movement based on the Bollinger Bands indicator particularly intriguing. The historical precedent of XRP’s price behavior during tight Bollinger Band squeezes is compelling, with gains of around 60,000% and 1,000% observed in previous cycles.

In a recent analysis posted on X and YouTube, cryptocurrency expert Matt Hughes, also known as “The Great Mattsby,” discussed a possible significant price shift for XRP. According to Hughes’ interpretation of the Bollinger Bands indicator, an upcoming contraction in XRP’s monthly Bollinger Bands may foreshadow a substantial increase in price, reminiscent of past rallies where XRP experienced considerable growth.

Hughes elaborated on XRP‘s current market situation via X: “The monthly Bollinger Bands for XRP are showing one of the most compressive squeezes they’ve ever experienced, and this is true not just for XRP but across the entire crypto market. Previously, when the bands compressed as tightly, XRP saw a remarkable surge, reaching an astounding increase of 60,000%.” In his YouTube video, Hughes delved deeper into the historical price behavior of XRP when its Bollinger Bands displayed such tightness.

XRP Could Skyrocket To $250

According to Hughes’ account, the initial significant increase in XRP price took place between September 2016 and March 2017. During this stretch, the XRP price remained relatively stable, resulting in a noticeable contraction of the Bollinger Bands. Following this prolonged period of stability, the XRP price experienced an extraordinary surge, with Hughes approximating the total return to be approximately 60,000%.

XRP Set To Skyrocket 60,000% On Tightest Bollinger Bands Ever: Analyst

As a researcher, I’d describe the second occurrence of XRP‘s price surge happening between December 2020 and April 2021. During this phase, there was approximately a 1,000% increase in XRP’s value. In contrast to the first period where the price action was more compact, the market movements during the second instance were less condensed. This can be observed by comparing the two periods; the first one exhibited tighter price fluctuations.

As a seasoned analyst, I’ve observed this phenomenon on three distinct occasions. Each time, the situation has grown increasingly tense, surpassing even the initial level of constraint. This heightened pressure implies that we could be in store for a more explosive outcome compared to past cycles.

The Bollinger Bands are a versatile technical analysis method that employs moving averages and standard deviations. They consist of trendlines placed two standard deviations apart from a security’s simple moving average (SMA). Users can customize these bands to their liking. When the bands converge, implying low volatility, there’s a heightened possibility for significant price surges or crashes once they start expanding again.

Hughes takes note of the lengthy span, which is approximately 6.5 years, between the all-time high and the present price. The extended period of minimal price growth, coupled with the extremely narrow Bollinger Bands, fuels his anticipation of a notable price surge soon.

Hughes commented, “This is currently the most compact it’s been in history, which strongly suggests to me that a significant shift lies ahead, possibly soon. The exact timing is uncertain, but the trends indicate a potential breakthrough.”

As a researcher, I not only delved into the technical aspects but also examined XRP‘s price behavior in relation to its 20-month moving average. Like in past occurrences, I observed that XRP spent an extended period below this average before experiencing notable upward trends.

In the past two occurrences, XRP‘s price surge started after spending some time beneath this moving average and then bouncing back following a touch of the Bollinger Band support. It’s important to mention that XRP’s price hasn’t dipped down to test the lower boundary of the Bollinger Band yet. Based on this observation, Hughes contemplates the possibility of a further price decline as a potential “final sell-off,” potentially reaching the $0.30 mark before initiating another breakout.

As a seasoned crypto investor, I’ve observed that historical trends suggest a potential test of the lower Bollinger Band could lead to significant rallies. Therefore, if the price takes a dip and approaches this level, it might be worth considering it as an opportunity for entry or accumulation. Of course, we can never be certain, but if the market behaves in a similar fashion to past cycles, then a downward movement towards the $0.30s could occur. If that happens, it would only add more evidence to the pattern and potentially set the stage for another price surge.

As a researcher studying the potential growth of XRP, I’ve calculated that if history were to repeat itself and XRP experienced a similar percentage increase as in the past, its price could potentially reach a staggering $250.

At press time, XRP traded at $0.44574.

XRP Set To Skyrocket 60,000% On Tightest Bollinger Bands Ever: Analyst

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