XRP Hasn’t Had A Bull Cycle Since 2017, Analyst Reveals What Will Happen When It Does

As an experienced cryptocurrency analyst, I have seen my fair share of market trends and price movements. The XRP price has been a source of frustration for many investors due to its lackluster performance compared to other altcoins in the market. However, based on recent analysis by crypto expert CryptoManiac101, there may be reasons to believe that XRP could finally be gearing up for a bull rally.

Investors have expressed concern over the stable price of XRP as it has appeared stagnant compared to other altcoins. The last significant surge in its value occurred during the 2017-2018 bull market. Despite a subsequent massive bull run, XRP did not experience the same growth as other cryptocurrencies. As a result, investors’ expectations for this digital asset have plummeted. However, one market analyst is optimistic and predicts that XRP could soon regain attention, providing potential price targets when this occurs.

Why XRP Could Be Gearing Up For A Bull Rally

Expert here: Crypto specialist CryptoManiac101 expressed some intriguing insights regarding XRP‘s potential future price trends on TradingView. The analyst highlighted various signs indicating that this altcoin could soon be poised for a shift based on several key indicators. One of the crucial aspects in the analysis revolved around the historical price patterns and movements.

As a crypto investor, I’ve been closely monitoring the market trends, and an intriguing observation I’ve made is the imminent convergence of three different moving averages around the year 2024 on my chart. This convergence forms a symmetrical triangle pattern, which often signals a consolidation phase. Consolidation periods are typically accompanied by accumulation – a build-up of coins or tokens in investors’ wallets. And here’s the exciting part: there’s been a noticeable surge in interest surrounding this asset, which could potentially fuel a price increase.

Moving forward, the crypto expert looks back at XRP‘s price trend over the past eleven years, starting from 2013 up to the present day. Noteworthy are the noticeable price surges, specifically in 2017 and 2018. The analyst anticipates similar patterns for the upcoming years, 2024 and 2025, as there seems to be a consistent movement between these two cycles.

XRP Hasn’t Had A Bull Cycle Since 2017, Analyst Reveals What Will Happen When It Does

As these indicators surge intriguingly, they may signal a significant price breakout. In such a scenario, the crypto analyst has proposed potential targets indicating how high the price might rise.

How High Can The Price Go?

An analyst’s prediction for XRP‘s price increase is influenced significantly by the historical trend that has consistently been bullish for this cryptocurrency. The analyst notes that bull markets typically emerge when these trends have advanced around 75%. However, the current trends have progressed to 88.93%, indicating that a significant price surge for XRP may be imminent as the long-awaited breakout seems to be overdue.

If a rally occurs in the crypto market, the analyst predicts a significant price surge of at least 800% above the current $4 mark. This projection stems from the possibility of a breakout from the symmetrical triangle that has formed where the three moving averages intersect. The anticipated starting point for this rise is around $4.5.

XRP Hasn’t Had A Bull Cycle Since 2017, Analyst Reveals What Will Happen When It Does

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2024-06-04 05:11