XRP Battle Cry: Must Rally 70% To Reconquer $1 Peak After Market Turmoil

XRP’s price, the token employed on RippleNet for cross-border transactions, has persistently stayed under the $1 threshold for an extended period. This occurrence is surprising given the cryptocurrency market’s overall upward trend that started approximately six months ago. Some experts anticipate a sudden increase to close the gap, but others express skepticism due to ongoing legal disputes and market instability.

At the moment, XRP is priced around $0.59, which is quite a gap from the anticipated $1 by several investors. The digital token has shown considerable fluctuation in the past few months, bouncing between $0.50 and $0.65. A short-lived surge to $0.75 in March brought some optimism, but it was soon overshadowed by a decline.

XRP: Several Obstacles To Overcome

The subpar showing of XRP can be linked to various reasons. Among them is the protracted legal dispute between Ripple Labs, its issuer, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC alleges that XRP functions as an unregistered security, a claim vehemently refuted by Ripple. The ambiguity surrounding this lawsuit has without a doubt dampened investors’ enthusiasm for XRP.

The pessimistic outlook towards cryptocurrencies is adding to the complexity of XRP‘s situation. Bitcoin, being the dominant cryptocurrency, has undergone a substantial decline in value recently, causing a ripple effect throughout the market. This downward trend has made it difficult for XRP to achieve growth independently.

XRP Battle Cry: Must Rally 70% To Reconquer $1 Peak After Market Turmoil

Positive Vibe Lingers

Despite some skepticism, XRP supporters remain hopeful. They highlight the token’s usefulness within RippleNet, an advanced system for swift and affordable cross-border transactions.

XRP’s networking platform, RippleNet, is gaining more institutional partners, such as prominent banks and financial institutions. Supporters believe this expanding alliance will lead to substantial growth for XRP once any legal concerns are settled and the market becomes more stable.

Analysts are excited about XRP‘s prospects and believe its price will significantly rise in the coming weeks. Tylie Eric, among them, anticipates a 60% price jump similar to the remarkable surge experienced during the last quarter of 2017.

Im looking for a potential 60% pump in the next 9 days or so to kick things off.
— Tylie E (@TylieEric) March 28, 2024

In simpler terms, some individuals, such as EGRAG who is active in the XRP community, think that the XRP token’s price movements resemble the quiet stage before a bull market, possibly indicating an upcoming price surge.

#XRP Guaranteed 6X to 10X!
Historical data serves as the blueprint for future movements.
Let’s dive into the minimum and shortest pumps observed when the 21 EMA crosses the 55 MA on 2W TF.
1) Green: 900% –> $5.5
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— EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto) March 28, 2024

In the meantime, prior to reaching its peak in this current cycle, it is predicted by a renowned cryptocurrency expert that XRP‘s value may surge as much as fifteen fold.

$XRP chart update. 3 day MACD turning bullish at the right time.
— CAPT. PARA8OLIC TOBLERONE (@CaptToblerone) February 16, 2024

While some are excited about Bitcoin potentially reaching $1 by the end of April, researchers at Changelly take a more cautious stance. According to their assessment, it’s highly uncertain that Bitcoin will hit $1 by then, and their most optimistic forecast for the month is $0.75.

The path XRP is expected to take in the future is not clear-cut. For XRP to surpass the $1 mark, several conditions must align. These factors include:

In simpler terms, for XRP to regain the $1 value it lost during the previous bull market, its current price needs to increase by approximately 70% within this month.

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