XRP And XLM Blast: Analyst’s 20X Rally Projection To ‘Melt Faces’

In the constantly changing field of cryptocurrency finance, technical analysis remains crucial in influencing investor attitudes and market patterns. Amidst this unpredictable terrain, an analyst called Charting Guy has gained recognition for his daring forecasts concerning the future of two prominent virtual currencies: Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Will XRP Rally “Melt” Faces?

Guy’s latest tweet about investing in XRP and XLM has caused a stir, predicting significant price increases that could leave investors amazed or even stunned, with potential gains amounting to $13. Guy expresses his strong conviction in the upcoming bullish trend for these cryptocurrencies.

According to Charting Guy’s assessment, XRP and XLM are predicted to follow an upward trend based on his analysis, despite the pessimistic outlook of some market players and extended periods of price stagnation. Some investors have dismissed these cryptocurrencies as “dead coins” due to their underperformance in the past few years. However, Charting Guy disregards the negative sentiment and concentrates on interpreting technical signals and chart patterns instead.

$XRP & $XLM will melt faces very soon.
2 coins that have traded sideways or as some say, “done nothing” for 6 years..
most people write them off as dead coins.
but, as a technical analyst, i don’t care too much about narratives or sentiment.
the charts tells the story.
— Charting Guy (@ChartingGuy) March 27, 2024

Potential Breakout In The Offing?

Based on the analysis conducted by experts, the graphs of XRP and XLM show symmetrical triangle shapes, suggesting possible price breakouts. These triangles, which have been developing over a six-year span, are among the most extensive formations identified by Charting Guy, implying substantial potential for price changes.

According to his analysis, XRP‘s price may surge between $10 and $13, resulting in a potential gain of approximately 2,000%. Meanwhile, Charting Guy anticipates a comparable rise for XLM, predicting it could reach a target price around $13.

XRP And XLM Blast: Analyst’s 20X Rally Projection To ‘Melt Faces’
Optimistic Long-Term Prospects For XRP And XLM

Although Charting Guy sets high goals for XRP‘s short-term growth, reaching $38, his perspective goes beyond the present market trend. He proposes that XRP and XLM could each surpass triple-digit values in the upcoming ten years, maintaining a positive view of their long-term potential.

The way Charting Guy sees it, his optimistic perspective isn’t just rooted in technical examinations, but is additionally influenced by the potential impact of XRP and XLM within the rapidly evolving financial sector. Given the growing trend towards central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the possibility of upheaval in established financial structures, Charting Guy is convinced that XRP and XLM hold great promise for shaping the future financial landscape.

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