Tron Founder Justin Sun Speaks Highly of Binance’s Changpeng Zhao in Latest Comment

As a researcher with experience in the crypto and blockchain industry, I have closely followed the developments in the lives of both Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao (CZ). While it’s interesting to see Sun painting an iconic picture of CZ and sharing lessons learned from him, it’s essential to consider the context in which these praises are being made.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, has expressed complimentary remarks about Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the former CEO of Binance, in a sequence of posts. Sun depicted CZ in an esteemed light as he imparted some precious lessons gleaned from the current Binance leader who is currently dealing with legal issues that resulted in his incarceration.

Justin Sun Heaps Praises on Changpeng Zhao

As a researcher studying the business world, I’ve come across the compelling narratives of Alibaba’s founders, Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai (CZ). Their past actions and inactions have underscored the significance of adhering to ethical business practices rather than opting for shortcuts.

As a crypto investor, I’ve taken note of Sun’s perspective in the discussion, where he emphasized the importance of user value being the true essence of a company’s worth. He argued that many businesses often get it wrong by prioritizing profits above all else. However, Sun believes that Jack Ma and Changpeng Zhao (CZ) have managed to demonstrate this concept effectively over time: profits are merely a result of delivering value to users. In his own words, Sun stated, “The ultimate value of any company comes from the value it provides to its users.”

As a researcher studying successful companies, I’ve noticed that those which truly excel and generate significant profits do so by providing exceptional value to their users. They consistently make the right choices that resonate with their audience, leading to strong user satisfaction and loyalty.

Sun pointed out an intriguing detail about the two entrepreneurs. According to him, they don’t just focus on delivering value to their users but go the extra mile in safeguarding them as well. He reminisced about his days at Jack Ma’s Hupan University and how Ma consistently emphasized the significance of user protection. Sun is convinced that he has witnessed Ma live up to these values at Alibaba, where users come before investors, partners, or employees.

Changpeng Zhao, as reported by Sun, consistently prioritized user needs above all else in his way of doing things. For years, Zhao emphasized to Sun that users should hold the highest importance in any consideration. While Sun acknowledged that putting users first could be a challenge at times, he stressed the necessity of regular reinforcement to uphold this philosophy.

Huge Backlash Follows

Currently, it’s unclear what Sun intends to accomplish with his recent remarks, given that CZ has already been penalized with a four-month prison sentence for BSA violations. This development occurred merely half a year after CZ admitted guilt to federal charges last November. Consequently, Sun’s compliments hold little significance in terms of personal support for him.

Some people argue that Sun may be trying to deflect attention from himself by praising others. A user with the handle Zac Sun, who identifies as an X user, has stated that Sun bears little resemblance to the pair he keeps mentioning.

I’m an analyst, and I’d like to address a point regarding my references, Jack Ma and CZ. While they have undeniably achieved remarkable success with their businesses, leading to substantial profits and joy for their investors, my past actions have not yielded similar results for those who put their trust in my projects. Instead of hiding behind their good intentions, I must acknowledge the discrepancy between our outcomes. It’s essential to understand that investing carries risk, and unfortunately, those who have chosen to invest in my initiatives have yet to reap significant rewards. As for me, I continue to hone my skills and work diligently to ensure future success.

— zac sun (@invmensing2030) May 26, 2024

As a researcher, I’ve come across an interesting observation made by another user regarding the comparison between the founders of Tron and Binance, specifically focusing on Binance’s CEO (CZ). This user highlighted how CZ significantly burned large quantities of BNB tokens to bolster the community.

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