Tinder-Like App Chinder Launches to Merge Users with Potential Crypto Interests

An unidentified developer Virtual Facade has launched Chinder, a new app that combines crypto charts with Tinder’s swiping mechanism. For those familiar with the popular dating app Tinder, Chinder also lets users swipe between an array of crypto charts in a similar manner. The only difference, however, is that, unlike Tinder where users choose between potential date interests, Chinder lets users choose from Solana-based tokens. That is they swipe right to buy, or otherwise swipe left to continue browsing.

For what it is worth, the world of cryptocurrency is a complex maze that sometimes gets the best of even the so-called professional traders. It is a fast-paced, highly volatile space that requires up-to-the-minute monitoring and analysis of market trends. However, such analysis becomes extremely difficult as it often involves opening multiple tabs to compare charts. And it appears that Virtual Facade may have had this in mind when creating Chinder.

It is also noteworthy that this is not the developer’s first attempt at demystifying crypto, and those efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Recall that the anonymous developer was also responsible for creating Unibot. Unibot is a bot that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly on the Telegram app.

Chinder to Expand Features Down the Line, Developer Asserts

According to Virtual Facade, crypto enthusiasts have received the launch quite well. So, owing to the positive reviews, it appears that there are plans to expand the app’s capabilities in the future. The developer has confirmed that there is a solid list of plans to expand with new features. Those features include and are not limited to filters for user-specific chart selection. That is, with the filter feature, users would have personalized experiences based on individual preferences and trading strategies.

It remains to be known, however, whether the app will eventually cover other tokens that are not Solana-based. That is when the feature expansions begin somewhere down the line.

Technology Meets Finance

The new app further indicates the growing interdependence of technology and finance. This is because developers are constantly looking for ways to make the use of complex financial tools and digital assets easy.

In a way, Chinder showcases how developers are leveraging the familiarity that users already have with popular social media platforms to attend to this issue. The app not only brings convenience and more accessibility to crypto trading but also adds sophistication to it.

As of publication, Chinder operates free of charge. New registrants on Unibot are also assigned Chinder as their referrer when signing up.

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2024-01-22 14:27