Theta Network’s 2024 Roadmap Drives toward Next-Gen Video Applications

Theta Network, which is a popular platform for delivering videos and performing edge computing in a decentralized manner, has announced its plans for 2024. These include the introduction of an exciting new technology called Theta EdgeCloud. This solution combines the benefits of edge and cloud computing to support advanced applications in video, media, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Theta EdgeCloud Release Will Be in Phases in 2024

One of the main goals of Theta EdgeCloud is to provide infrastructure that can handle immersive extended reality experiences, as well as video-based AI and other cutting-edge technologies. It will be released in multiple phases, with the first phase scheduled for the first half of 2024. During this phase, Theta will launch cloud-hosted nodes that can handle complex AI models and tasks.

The idea behind Theta EdgeCloud is to strike a balance between the low latency and widespread availability of edge computing and the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud infrastructure. By combining these two approaches, Theta aims to create a powerful platform that can support the needs of emerging technologies and provide a high-quality user experience.

Apart from EdgeCloud, the platform has plans to introduce more upgrades and features in 2024. Some of these include organizing a special event called the Theta hackathon, where they will showcase different ways to use their technology. They will also implement TNT20 staking, a feature that allows users to earn rewards by holding and staking their TNT20 tokens. Additionally, Theta will work on improving the Theta Video API to make it even better for handling videos.

Later in the year, during EdgeCloud Phase 2, Theta will give partners and users the opportunity to set up their own nodes using their preferred cloud providers. This means they can have more control over their own computing infrastructure. At the same time, they will also launch a fully decentralized Theta Video API, which will make it easier for people to work with videos in a decentralized manner.

The blockchain also has plans to unveil Theta Web3 Theater, which will provide a unique and innovative viewing experience. It will be integrated into platforms like ThetaDrop and others from its partners.

Current Plans Extend to 2025

2025 will welcome the release of EdgeCloud Phase 3, which will bring an open marketplace that connects clients with edge nodes operated by community members. To make things efficient, there will be an intelligent coordinator that routes tasks and payloads to the right nodes.

This milestone is an important step towards Theta’s long-term vision of creating a global computing grid. This grid will be powered by a community of node operators and infrastructure providers working together. The goal is to attract enough distributed infrastructure to meet the fast-growing demand for secure and decentralized computing power.

Theta’s roadmap for 2024 offers important insights into the platform’s progress, although it may change as new uses are discovered. The roadmap focuses on improving technological capabilities with EdgeCloud while also building the ecosystem through initiatives like the upcoming hackathon. These steps demonstrate a thoughtful and proactive strategy aimed at supporting the development of next-generation applications.

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2024-01-29 14:48