Telegram Implements Toncoin Payment Integration For Ads, TON Price Sees Impact

Telegram, a well-known messaging service, has introduced a fresh feature enabling users to publicize their channels via ads. Users can now buy ad placements using Toncoins (TON), the native digital currency backed by the TON blockchain, for this new function.

Telegram Implements TON Blockchain For Ad Payments

Recognizing the earning possibility for channel managers, Telegram pointed out that collectively, channels garner more than a trillion views every month.

Recognizing this potential, Telegram has introduced a revenue-sharing system. Now, channel proprietors with at least 1000 followers can claim half of the advertising earnings generated through ads shown on their channels.

The reason for adding the TON blockchain to this function was influenced by several factors, according to the social media site’s statement on Sunday.

The TON Blockchain was our preferred choice due to its affordable fees and fast transaction processing speed, which sets a record for handling a large number of transactions per second. Now, users with minimal budgets can advertise their bots or channels using just a few Toncoins. When placing a Telegram ad, you have the power to select specific channels for it to be displayed in, ensuring you maintain control over their context.

Previously, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov highlighted the significance of swift and safe advertising payments and redemptions. He mentioned that the TON blockchain would serve as the unique venue for handling such transactions. In simpler terms, Durov underlined the necessity of quick and secure financial deals through TON.

To guarantee swift and secure processing of ad payments and withdrawals, we will solely utilize the TON blockchain for this purpose. Following the model we’ve adopted with Telegram usernames on Fragment, we will transact ads and distribute revenue to channel owners in Toncoin. This setup will foster a beneficial cycle, enabling content creators to either redeem their Toncoins or reinvest them in enhancing and marketing their channels.

TON Shows Bullish Momentum

With each new feature and advancement revealed by Telegram for their TON token, there’s been an enthusiastic response from the cryptocurrency community, indicating a potential increase in adoption and usage.

In the last 24 hours, TON‘s value has risen by over 5%, making its current price $5.30. This growth comes on top of a remarkable 100% price hike it experienced within just the past 30 days.

Significantly, the announcement led to a significant surge in TON‘s trading volume, reaching $234,869,370 within the last 24 hours. This is over 74% higher than the volume recorded on Sunday, based on data from CoinGecko.

The value of TON token is nearing its record high of $5.69, which was achieved on March 25th. With Telegram introducing fresh features and an uptick in trading activity, there’s a strong possibility that the token will hit a new peak price if demand persists.

If the token’s price reaches and goes beyond the challenging barrier of $5.45, then the anticipated event may transpire. Previously, the token has attempted to break through this level and establish a new all-time high (ATH), but it hasn’t been successful on three occasions. Overcoming this resistance is essential for the token to advance towards fresh ATHs.

On the 4-hour TON-USD chart, $5.26 serves as a potential support point, which might halt a price pullback after an uptrend. This level functions as a protective cushion against major price declines.

Telegram Implements Toncoin Payment Integration For Ads, TON Price Sees Impact

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2024-04-02 01:16