Sotheby’s Metaverse Adds Kresus Wallet to Support NFT Purchases and Storage

Sotheby’s Metaverse, the NFT marketplace and digital gallery created by the world-famous Sotheby’s auction house, has added a new web3 wallet. “SuperApp” Kresus has had its user-friendly wallet integrated into Sotheby’s Metaverse, providing a new way for users to connect and collect digital art.

The decision by Sotheby’s to add Kresus’ wallet appears to have been driven by the wallet’s specification for new users. Many of the features incorporated into Kresus’ non-custodial wallet are designed to simplify onboarding, a persistent pain point in web3. Many of those entering crypto and making their first transaction are looking to purchase NFTs, which is why user-friendly wallet design is so important.

Kresus Rolls Out a Gateway to Web3

It’s one thing to get new users into web3; it’s quite another to retain them. After getting past the wallet creation stage, some beginners are bewildered by knowing what to do next and how to transact safely in a digital world that’s ripe with opportunity – but also with opportunists. It’s here that Kresus comes into its own: its SuperApp is designed to be more than just a wallet.

Kresus describes its mobile app as being “part superior crypto wallet. Part portal to the wonders of web3”, which is a fair summation. Kresus has lavished particular attention on educating new users on the sort of things they can do on-chain as well as helping them stay safe. Features include guardians – a means of protecting assets by assigning responsibility for wallet recovery to trusted third parties – as well as time-delayed withdrawals, which adds an additional security layer.

Sotheby’s Metaverse Showcases New Creators

While its name is synonymous with fine art, including renaissance paintings by the Old Masters, Sotheby’s has demonstrated a willingness to embrace modern art and modern technology. The venerable auction house was one of the first companies of its kind to support NFTs, recognizing their appeal to a new breed of art collectors.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, millennials and gen-z intuitively get the appeal of owning art that exists on a blockchain rather than on the wall of their apartment. That said, devoted holders of blue chip NFTs are prone to having their PFPs printed out and framed as a tangible reminder of their digital art.

Sotheby’s Metaverse has previously brokered deals for multi-million dollar NFTs including Bored Apes and Crypto Punks. But it also showcases emerging digital artists creating bespoke collections that are launched on Sotheby’s marketplace. Creators currently being spotlighted there include Emily Xie and an array of generative artists.

According to Kresus CEO Trevor Traina, “Sotheby’s is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the world of fine art and collectibles. Kresus is proud to be added to the short list of digital wallets available to collectors discovering digital art at Sotheby’s Metaverse.”

The integration of Kresus’ web3 wallet into Sotheby’s Metaverse will provide a convenient way for digital collectors to access NFTs from talented artists and to build up a personal portfolio.

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2024-02-08 18:24