‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

As an experienced financial analyst, I’ve followed the crypto market closely for years and have seen numerous trends come and go. The recent emergence of celebrity-backed Solana-based memecoins has certainly piqued my interest.

Over the past week, an intriguing trend involving celebrities and Solana-based meme tokens has gained significant attention. I’ve noticed mainstream media personalities jumping on board, creating their own memecoins on the Solana blockchain, and expressing what seems like genuine curiosity about cryptocurrencies.

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has recently jumped on the bandwagon of celebrity-backed tokens, experiencing a contentious debut akin to Caitlyn Jenner’s JENNER token. (Or: Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper, is the newest addition to the list of celebrities entering the world of crypto tokens. Her entry, like that of Caitlyn Jenner’s JENNER token, has sparked controversy.)

Who Is Solana?

On Monday, Azalea caught the crypto world off guard when she expressed curiosity about cryptocurrencies. The musician and fashion icon took to X and inquired, “Who is Solana? I’m not familiar with her.”

The post has amassed over 1.8 million views and sparked debate among various groups. Some viewers on “Stan Twitter” perceived the post as a criticism aimed at American R&B artist SZA, resulting in numerous fans directing their anger towards Azalea. However, Azalee promptly set the record straight, commenting, “I’m actually talking about cryptocurrency.”

‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

Upon joining the crypto community, my experience was marred when rumors of my association with Sahil Arora, an individual accused of orchestrating several alleged scams involving celebrity and influencer tokens, surfaced. According to NewsBTC’s reports, Arora is said to have rugged these tokens after their launch.

Rich The Kid and Caitlyn Jenner accused a person of deceitfully exploiting their fan bases in the context of cryptocurrency. Subsequently, both renowned figures remained active in the crypto sphere, endorsing their respective tokens, and interacting with their supporters.

In response to accusations of running scams, Arora appears to have persisted in exploiting cryptocurrency investors. Azalea claims that the suspected con artist has misused her likeness, as she attempts to disassociate herself from his questionable dealings.

In The Fastlane From Music To Crypto

Azalea shared that Arora and her team held a discussion about cryptocurrencies, but her newly introduced token had no connection to him. It is reportedly claimed that Arora created false screenshots and utilized the rapper’s name to amass over $380,000 during the presale for a token called IGGY.

According to a report from a user on X, Arora announced that he was collaborating with an Australian rapper via Telegram. He hinted at an imminent “major release” within the next 12-24 hours.

As a crypto investor, I recently put 2.246 Solana (SOL) into a project, expecting to gain access to certain launches. The person behind this project then assured us that we would be automatically added to the whitelist for all future launches. Furthermore, we were promised a 10% share of the SOL profits earned by Arora on each launch as an airdrop. Lastly, once the market cap hit $10 million, we were in line to receive an airdrop of $iggy tokens.

‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

On Tuesday, Azalea introduced a new Solana token named MOTHER, which pays homage to the widely adopted LGBTQ+ culture term that has gained significant popularity in recent internet subcultures.

As an analyst, I’ve noticed a recent development in the cryptocurrency market where Azalea’s token was introduced on the Solana platform just hours following Arora’s IGGY token launch. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this sequence of events had left some investors perplexed. When queried about the timing, Azalea clarified her intentions by stating that she felt compelled to act swiftly in order to prevent Arora from capitalizing on her reputation in the market.

As a crypto investor, I’ve always been intrigued by the world of digital currencies, even before jumping in with investments. Yesterday, during our conversation, he announced an unusual presale for a new coin. Given my skepticism and previous experiences, I decided to purchase a small amount just to prevent him from potentially using me as a pawn in a questionable scheme. If I have a successful coin of my own, his would likely fizzle out. It’s a calculated move based on my past learnings and current market understanding.

The community raised concerns about her connection to Arora following her Instagram post featuring a man resembling him. Later on, it came to light that this man was actually her brother, Mathias Kelly.


As an analyst, I’d put it this way: At its zenith, MOTHER boasted a market capitalization of fifty million dollars, according to Solana Floor’s data. In the ensuing hours, the token experienced a staggering surge of over sixty-three thousand percent. Its value jumped from a mere 0.00004968 dollars to an astounding 0.03179 dollars.

‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

Over the past 16 hours, the token has seen a trading volume of approximately $126.8 million. Currently, MOTHER is priced at $0.01634, marking a staggering 21,000% increase from its initial launch price.

Arora’s IGGY token experienced a significant price surge post-launch, reaching a high of $0.009288. However, it subsequently dropped drastically to trade below the $0.00020 mark. At present, this supposed scam token is priced at $0.0001354 and boasts a market capitalization of $134,000.

‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

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