Solana Frenzy: Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges

As a researcher with a background in cryptocurrency markets, I find Solana’s (SOL) current trading activity particularly intriguing. The combination of large buy orders from institutions using TWAP strategies, the impending release of SOL-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and the overall positive sentiment surrounding the project all point to a bullish outlook for SOL.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I’ve noticed an intriguing surge in trading activity surrounding Solana (SOL). This uptick is fueled by various positive factors. For one, there have been substantial buy orders from both individual and institutional investors. Moreover, the strategic purchasing approach of these investors adds to the momentum. Additionally, there are anticipations of upcoming Solana-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) hitting the market, which further heightens the excitement.

Whales Consolidate SOL discretely

As an analyst, I’ve noticed an uptick in trading activity on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase,, and OKX based on the trading data I’ve reviewed. However, upon further investigation using’s real-time trading research platform, I’ve uncovered a fascinating pattern for Solana (SOL). Specifically, there’s a “Major Time-Weighted Average Price” (TWAP) signal suggesting potential significant price movements related to SOL.

Major TWAP Detection alert on $SOL. Larger buyers are accumulating $SOL #Solana.
Significant trading trends have been identified in the Solana markets on Coinbase, Binance,, and Okx within the past quarter-hour.
— MartyParty (@martypartymusic) July 10, 2024

Large investors, including financial institutions, often utilize a method called Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) to execute significant purchases. By distributing a sizable buy order across a designated time frame, they aim to minimize its influence on market prices.

Solana Frenzy: Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges

As a researcher studying the behavior of institutional investors, I’ve observed an intriguing trend. Institutional players appear to be deliberately amassing large quantities of Shiba Inu (SOL) coins without triggering significant price fluctuations. This strategy is often a telltale sign of a long-term bullish stance.

ETF Hype Ignites Investor Interest

Further fueling investor interest is the anticipated introduction of Bitcoin ETFs potentially focused on Solana, which could debut as early as mid-March 2025. The CBOE’s recent filing to list VanEck and 21Shares ETFs has stirred up a wave of anticipation and conjecture within the Bitcoin community.

Solana Frenzy: Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges
Solana Price Forecast

As a crypto investor, I’ve noticed some compelling projections about Solana (SOL) price movement. Several analysts are predicting an uninterrupted upward trajectory for SOL. Others are more cautiously optimistic, estimating a potential 17% increase by August 10th. Furthermore, technical indicators align with this bullish outlook, adding to my confidence in this investment.

As a market analyst, I examine various indicators to gauge the overall sentiment of investors towards the crypto market. One such tool is the Fear & Greed Index, which currently registers a reading of “Fear” at 29. This figure signifies that while there’s optimism surrounding Solana (SOL) and its potential prospects, underlying concerns persist within the broader crypto industry. These apprehensions may stem from factors such as regulatory uncertainty or market volatility, which can influence investor behavior and shape the market dynamics.

Solana Frenzy: Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges

As a researcher, I’ve noticed an intriguing discrepancy in Binance’s trading statistics compared to those of other exchanges. Further investigation is needed to uncover the underlying cause of this difference. It’s possible that unique market dynamics are at play specifically on Binance, which merits closer examination.

New investors, including those who were wary of the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading platforms, are being attracted to ETFs as they provide accessible and regulated investment options for Solana (SOL). The recent 8% weekly price increase of SOL is a testament to this heightened demand, enabling the network to recover ground towards its previous value of around $142.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I’m excited about the promising future of Solana. A combination of favorable circumstances has emerged, boosting my optimism. Institutional investors are showing increased interest in Solana, which is a positive sign for the crypto’s growth. Additionally, there’s potential for regulated Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to be established, providing more investment opportunities and stability. Lastly, the recent price surge is another encouraging indicator of Solana’s bright future.

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