Shiba Inu Team Wary of Growing Fraudulent Activities on Its Platform, Warns Users to Exercise ‘Extreme Caution’

As a researcher with experience in the crypto space, I’m deeply concerned about the recent wave of attacks targeting the Shibarium platform. The Shiba Inu team’s warning, shared by a trusted X user named Digarch, comes from DaVinci, a respected member of the community. The urgency in his message is palpable, and it’s clear that users need to exercise extreme caution.

The Shiba Inu team has uncovered a rising threat of malicious actors towards the Shibarium platform. As a precaution, they urge their large user base to be extra vigilant when using the platform at this time.

As a researcher delving into the Shiba Inu community, I came across a significant alert that originated from one of its esteemed members, DaVinci. This crucial update was disseminated by an X user named Digarch. In essence, DaVinci conveyed the following message to our entire Shibarium community:

“SHIBARMY extreme caution is advised in these volatile times.”

Shiba Inu Team Shares Attackers’ New Tactics

Heed DaVinci’s cautionary message regarding potential fraudsters targeting Shiba Inu users. These deceitful individuals are constantly evolving their strategies, and their latest scheme involves creating and promoting false Shiba-related tokens. Some even use the legitimate Shiba Inu website address,, in their promotional materials to mislead unsuspecting investors. Be vigilant and double-check any information before making investment decisions.

Malicious actors have changed their strategy, transitioning from manipulating Ryoshi Research platforms to targeting Shiba State and Canine codes for exploitation.

Issues Advisory

Following the revelation of deceitful methods used by some individuals, DaVinci underscored the necessity of staying alert and making well-researched choices. He cautioned that Treat has not been launched yet, implying that any tokens advertising association with it are likely scams.

As a crypto investor, I would caution against blindly following influential figures within the Shibarium community. Instead, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for recurring patterns of failure in project leaders. Such red flags should be taken seriously and may indicate potential risks for investment.

As a researcher, I would encourage users to shift their focus from being enticed by a project’s attractive appearance or the prominent figures endorsing it, towards evaluating projects based on their technical merits instead. The key aspects to consider are scalability – the ability of a project to grow and accommodate increasing demands – security protocols that ensure data protection, and the practicality and feasibility of their proposed roadmaps.

Significantly, the rise in deceitful practices on Shibaswap has highlighted a major drawback of its decentralized structure. Specifically, the platform cannot intervene directly by prohibiting fraudulent tokens. However, the Shiba Inu team has taken a proactive stance by publicly condemning these scams and alerting community members to be cautious.

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2024-06-03 14:06