Pixels Team Explores Crypto Game Expansion with Potential Integration on Telegram

As an analyst with a background in the crypto industry and experience covering web3 game development, I’m excited about Pixels’ expansion plans. The success of their first game and the launch of PIXEL token last year were major milestones for the crypto gaming space. Now, with potential collaborations and integrations into popular platforms like Telegram, the possibilities for growth are even more promising.

Expert: Pixels, a renowned Web3 game developer, is considering broadening its horizons by teaming up with fellow game creators to launch additional titles within the Pixels brand, based on the thriving response to their initial game. (Decrypt’s report from an interview with Luke Barwikowski revealed this information.)

Should these games be released, they may have the opportunity to be incorporated into Telegram, a widely-used social media platform with approximately 900 million global users.

There Is Fun Stuff Coming

Last year, I observed an intriguing development in the crypto industry when Pixels introduced their line of engaging games. Towards the closing months of 2023, they made an even more noteworthy move by migrating their operations to the widely-used Ethereum gaming platform, Ronin Network.

As a crypto investor in 2024, I was thrilled to witness the escalating excitement and anticipation surrounding the free-to-play gaming platform. In February, the platform unveiled its native crypto token named PIXEL. This innovative development quickly gained traction and made its way onto prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, and Gate.io.

As a crypto investor, I’ve witnessed an astonishing surge in trading activity for the newly-minted PIXEL token within just a few short days after its launch. With a staggering $1.2 billion trading volume across various exchanges, PIXEL effortlessly overshadowed established cryptocurrencies like Avalanche (AVAX) and Dogecoin (DOGE). In this dynamic market, PIXEL quickly emerged as one of the “most in-demand digital assets” during that period.

In May 2024, the Ronin-based game attained a staggering figure of one million active players on a daily basis. At this point in time, Barwikowski made a bold statement that this blockchain game outperformed “all other Web3 games” in terms of player count.

Inspired by recent achievements, Pixels is contemplating introducing more games set in its existing universe. According to Barwikowski, exciting new content referred to as “fun stuff” is on its way for the platform.

The upcoming events are filled with excitement. Among these, a potential new game on Telegram is being considered. This could be an initial exploration or a side project. Telegram’s unique environment has piqued our interest, and we might experiment with it further.

Expansion Plans and Game Development

The free-to-play game is collaborating with external developers not linked to the crypto industry to brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming game series and other potential business ventures.

The Pixel co-founder announced that he and our internal team will set the overarching vision and plan for our upcoming game projects. Once we’ve outlined the broad strokes, we’ll entrust external game studios with the actual development tasks.

As a game analyst, I would put it this way: Once the external studio has completed the development of the games, it will then be my team’s turn to step in and integrate blockchain technology into these games.

Barwickowski mentioned that the team would focus on user acquisition strategies prior to unveiling the games to the general public.

Development of Mobile Apps

Additionally, he mentioned that regardless of whether the games ultimately join Telegram, he intends to broaden the reach of his intellectual property (IP) beyond the Ronin Network.

He shares that Pixels is presently creating an extensive internal guide, referred to as a lore bible, to cater to their expanding audience. This lore bible aims to serve as the basis for upcoming applications and innovative projects.

Barwikowski added, “This lays the groundwork for further intellectual property expansion projects. In addition, we’re working on creating multiple mobile apps as our upcoming focus in distribution. We aim to be pioneers by introducing rewarded downloads and investigating play-to-earn concepts on iOS and Android platforms.”

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2024-07-02 17:03