Orbs Unveils Perpetual Hub to Revolutionize On-chain Futures Market

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology, I’m excited about the recent developments at Orbs. The unveiling of Perpetual Hub is a game-changer for on-chain futures trading, and it’s clear that Orbs is leading the charge in this space.

As a researcher studying blockchain technology, I’m excited about the latest development from Orbs’ Layer-3 (L3) infrastructure: the introduction of Perpetual Hub. This innovative solution is set to disrupt the on-chain futures market by adopting an intent-based approach.

Benefits of Orbs Perpetual Hub Launch

The new Orbs Hub, in close collaboration with SYMMIO and IntentX, is poised to deliver a smooth operation. This innovative development, known as the Perpetual Hub, represents a major leap forward in the progression of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Powered by Orbs’ advanced blockchain technology, it facilitates the execution of reliable on-chain futures within a sophisticated framework.

During this period, Perpetual Hub’s offerings are composed of three elements: Hedger, Liquidator, and Price Oracle. The role of Hedger is that of a market maker, employing SYMM-driven front end technology to guarantee liquidity by executing user orders. Furthermore, Hedger has the ability to access external sources of liquidity, such as centralized exchanges, to ensure optimal liquidity provision.

The Liquidator serves as the second essential element, enabling users to liquidate a trader’s position when the collateral value drops below the required maintenance margin level. On the other hand, the Price Oracle provides both on-chain and off-chain data with unwavering reliability, ensuring accurate pricing that is vital for consistent trading activities. A fully decentralized Price Oracle is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the Perpetual Hub.

As a researcher exploring the realm of decentralized finance, I’d like to propose an alternative way to express the benefits of using Perpetual Hub for perpetual futures trading.

Orbs Unveils Its Latest Upgrade V4

In February, Orbs revealed that they are working on an upgrade, Orbs V4, for their protocol. This update is essential, as stated by the project team, to accommodate the increasing interest in Orbs and layer 3 technology as a whole. The design of V4 is intended to prioritize efficiency and reliability, enabling the team to handle the anticipated surge in usage of their products this year.

For Orbs, the new update isn’t just about expanding capabilities. It’s also crucial for keeping Orbs at the cutting edge of L3 infrastructure technology. This perspective was shared by CEO Nadav Shemesh, who was thrilled about “the progression to Orbs Version 4.”

Orbs’s journey toward industry leadership began years ago. Almost two years have passed since the launch of Orbs 3.0, marking the introduction of its initial L3 architecture. It is important to note that Orbs continues to aim for further upgrades. In line with this goal, they have streamlined their Guardian node deployment process, shifting from manual to automated methods.

In March, software firm IntentX made a daring move by incorporating Orbs Network’s Liquidity Hub into their system. With the recent unveiling of Perpetual Hub, Orbs aims to increase its total value locked (TVL) from $3.4 billion in the upcoming months.

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2024-05-30 14:13