Oasys Partners with Vortex Gaming to Expand Presence in South Korea

As an analyst with extensive experience in the blockchain gaming industry, I believe that this partnership between Oasys and Vortex Gaming represents a significant step forward for the adoption and growth of blockchain games in South Korea. With Vortex’s vast reach through Inven and its extensive network of partnerships with prominent web3 companies, Oasys will undoubtedly benefit from increased user acquisition and exposure to leading desktop and mobile blockchain titles.

As a blockchain gaming analyst, I’m excited to share that this move signifies a significant leap forward for the South Korean blockchain gaming scene, granting Vortex gamers access to an expansive library of new games and exclusive data such as tokenomic information on Oasis.

As a crypto investor and avid gamer, I’m excited about the new collaboration between Ubisoft and Vortex Gaming. Kicking things off, Ubisoft’s “Champions Tactics” will run a campaign utilizing Vortex Gaming’s services from June 26 to July 7. By completing certain challenges during this period, players will earn themselves a unique Champions Tactics NFT. These tokens will then make participants eligible for a drawing where an impressive 50 lucky individuals will be chosen as winners.

Based on the announcement, Oasys aims to motivate the development of blockchain gaming tech and user growth in South Korea. This partnership will expand the range of blockchain games accessible to Vortex gamers, including top desktop and mobile titles that integrate blockchain technology to enhance and sustain gameplay.

The substantial growth strategy of Oasys would be boosted by leveraging Vortex Gaming’s vast network, especially since Inven, which they partner with, controls around 80% of the market share in South Korea’s gaming news media.

As a crypto investor and avid gamer, I’m excited about the offerings of Vortex Gaming, a web3 subsidiary of Inven. This platform operates like a social media hub specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts. Vortex Gaming’s mission is to bring large-scale adoption of web3 games and provide valuable insights into game information and token economics. It serves as an excellent destination for gamers worldwide, offering connections, game discoveries in the blockchain realm, and rewards through engaging missions.

As a crypto investor and follower of the gaming industry, I find it intriguing that Vortex Gaming has formed strong alliances with notable web3 companies such as NEAR Protocol, IoTrust, MARBLEX, METABORA SINGAPORE, and Kroma. By doing so, this gaming media platform enhances its capability to provide an optimized service for web3 games, thereby bolstering its influence within the country’s gaming sector.

Oasys’ Existing Success

“Oasys strives to ease the process of welcoming new web3 users and helping them explore the distinctive features of blockchain games that have gained significant following in East Asia.”

The collaboration highlights Oasys’ thriving presence in the Korean market, marked by the debut of XPLA Verse – a layer 2 solution on the Oasys network collaboratively created with South Korea’s Com2uS Group. Kicking off the introduction of Web3 games, “The Walking Dead: All-Stars” (an NFT collectible game) and “Summoners War: Chronicles” (a Play-to-Earn trading card game), will be spearheaded by XPLA, riding on Com2uS Group’s robust IP and brand influence.

At present, the native token of Oasys, named OAS, is priced approximately at $0.04865 and has a market capitalization amounting to $108 million. However, despite its current valuation, OAS has dropped by 66% from its peak price of $0.1442 that it touched on February 13th. This significant decrease reflects the struggles experienced by the overall cryptocurrency sector throughout the summer season.

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2024-06-26 16:09