Oasys and Pacific Meta Forms Alliance to Propel Blockchain Gaming in Chinese-Speaking Market

Oasys, a prominent blockchain gaming ecosystem, has announced a strategic partnership with Pacific Meta to propel blockchain gaming in the Chinese-speaking community.

Oasys to Leverage Pacific Meta’s Expertise

Leveraging Pacific Meta’s extensive experience in catering to the Chinese-speaking community, this collaboration aims to support gaming projects on Oasys, contributing to the ecosystem’s growth and enhancing the user experience for Chinese speakers.

With a successful history of supporting leading Web3 projects, Pacific Meta has demonstrated its proficiency in strategic development, promotional activities, and assistance with token listings. The company’s expertise spans various crucial aspects, including localization, social media management, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing, and community engagement.

Meanwhile, Oasys recently unveiled its Dragon Update, focusing on Interoperability, Ecosystem, and Killer Content. The collaboration with Pacific Meta is set to reinforce these pillars, particularly the Killer Content aspect. By tailoring Chinese language materials for blockchain gamers in Southeast Asia, Pacific Meta will play a crucial role in implementing Oasys’ vision and expanding its gaming ecosystem.

The announcement of the partnership follows closely on the heels of Oasys listing its diverse range of games and Decentralized Applications (DApps) on DappRadar, the leading dApp store globally. This integration increases Oasys’ visibility by allowing users to easily explore the platform’s different DApps and games. DappRadar’s prominence as a go-to source for decentralized applications, digital assets, and NFTs establishes Oasys as a key participant in the blockchain gaming market.

The Growing Influence of Blockchain Gaming in Asia

With the global crypto market worth $1.54 trillion, the blockchain gaming sector is expected to grow substantially, with projections indicating a GameFi sector worth $614.91 billion by 2030. As highlighted in an earlier report, the Asian gaming market, boasting 1.7 billion players and generating $72 billion in revenue in 2019, stands out as a key driver of this growth.

East Asian countries, including China, Japan, and South Korea, have long dominated the global gaming industry. With 62 out of the top 100 gaming companies by market capitalization linked to these three nations, they have been at the forefront of innovation, from arcade games in the 1980s to mobile games in the 2010s.

Despite China’s ban on cryptocurrencies, interest in blockchain technology remains high in Asia, with game companies in Japan and South Korea leading the way. The incorporation of blockchain technology into RPG (Role-Playing Game) genres, which are deeply rooted in Asian gaming culture, has become a key focus for innovation and growth.

Since the late 80s and early 90s, RPG games, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, have been the preferred genre in the Asian gaming market. Unlike the US market, where strategy and action games prevail, RPG games are culturally important in Asia. Their nature of involving the creation and exchange of in-game assets makes RPG games an ideal fit for blockchain technology and open worlds.

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2024-01-25 20:30