Notcoin Set to Launch Telegram Gaming Accelerator for Game Developers

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and gaming industries, I find the strategic partnership between Notcoin and Helika an exciting development in the Telegram gaming ecosystem. Notcoin’s success in introducing mini apps on Telegram, backed by blockchain technology, has paved the way for this new wave of innovation. The Telegram Gaming Accelerator is a significant step forward, offering game studios, mobile apps, and indie developers an opportunity to build on the popularity of Telegram and TON blockchain.

Notcoin (NOT), the popular Telegram-based game, has formed a strategic alliance with Helika, a recognized analytics firm. The objective of this partnership is to establish an incubator for the upcoming generation of Telegram games. This collaboration marks one of Notcoin’s most significant steps in its journey from a viral sensation to a pivotal player in the rapidly expanding ecosystem of crypto-supported mini-apps.

Notcoin and Helika to Build on Telegram Popularity

Using the Telegram Gaming Accelerator, we aim to broaden the scope of the mini meta – a term referring to Telegram’s initially introduced mini apps, pioneered by Notcoin. This partnership intends to capitalize on Helika Accelerate’s achievements, which have been bolstered by a substantial $50 million investment. In time, this accelerator program will prove advantageous for game studios, mobile app creators, and independent developers alike.

Telegram Gaming Accelerator 🕹️

Notcoin introduced new meta: Telegram mini apps for millions of users, empowered by blockchain.

Collaborating with @HelikaGaming, our aim is to broaden the scope and establish a game developer accelerator on Telegram. This platform will pave the way for innovative gaming experiences.

— Notcoin Ø (@thenotcoin) July 3, 2024

As a crypto investor involved in the Telegram and TON blockchain community, I’m excited about the opportunity for entities to join our platform and create engaging gaming experiences. This is a crucial step forward for Helika, as co-founder and CEO Anton Umnov emphasizes. By backing developers on Telegram, we demonstrate our commitment to fostering growth within the gaming industry.

“Unum expressed that Helika recognizes a significant prospect for game studios, irrespective of size, to tap into the international user base and foster more meaningful connections with players”

As an analyst, I’d rephrase it as follows: Previously, Notcoin relied on a straightforward yet alluring game-based roadmap to draw in its large Telegram community. By introducing the Telegram Gaming Accelerator, game developers are expected to attract more users and remunerate them with real crypto tokens via airdrops. Noteworthy is that Notcoin was the pioneer in implementing this approach, which significantly contributed to the project’s impressive $2 billion market capitalization.

In the same vein as other Telegram projects, Notcoin experienced a remarkable increase last month. This surge led to a new peak price of $0.027 for the coin, which marked its all-time high (ATH).

At the time of this writing, NOT was trading at $0.01186 with a drop of 8.99% in the last 24 hours.

Hamster Kombat Meteoric Rise Gives Iran Concerns

In recent times, there has been remarkable growth among Telegram projects. For instance, last week, the user base of Hamster Kombat, the crypto-fueled pet battle game, expanded to an impressive 200 million users. This expansion occurred just three weeks following their announcement and celebration of reaching 100 million users on their platform. The swift increase in users highlights increasing engagement and escalating curiosity towards the game, notably in various developing nations.

Instead of “On the other hand,” you could use “In contrast” or “Meanwhile.” Regarding the Iranian government, they express unease over the burgeoning success of Telegram gaming platforms like Hamster Kombat. Government officials are evidently disgruntled by the rising popularity of this project within their region. The Associated Press reported that these authorities view the game as a troublesome Western influence, given Iran’s current economic struggles with inflation, unemployment, and mounting sanctions.

The deputy military chief of Iran, Rear Adm Habibollah Sayyari, made it clear that one aspect of the covert hostility from our adversaries involves the “Hamster” game.

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