Notcoin Announces April 20 Rollout Date for NOT Token Amid Bitcoin Halving Hype

Millions have been drawn to Notcoin, a simple and engrossing Telegram game, by its uncomplicated mechanics and alluring in-game incentives. The long-awaited announcement has been made: April 20th is the set date for the introduction of Notcoin’s native cryptocurrency, the NOT token. This timely debut coincides with the buzz surrounding Bitcoin‘s halving event.

$NOT Listing date ~4/20Pre-market is open on You can also use — they allow you to get wNOT and exchange it to $NOT after TGEMore details on wNOT:

— Notcoin Ø (@thenotcoin) April 2, 2024

The Notcoin team, led by Open Builders, recognizes the link between April 20th and meme culture in the crypto world. They’ve added a touch of humor by referencing this day, while also planning their token release to coincide with a possible surge in the overall cryptocurrency market.

In January 2024, Notcoin was introduced and quickly amassed a devoted fanbase, surpassing 35 million users at its height with more than 6 million daily active players. Players were thrilled to use the in-game currency, called “Notcoins,” which soon evolved into tradeable tokens on The Open Network (TON). This transition from an exclusive in-game currency to a tradable asset signifies a significant achievement for Notcoin.

Despite the initial plans to release the $NOT token within weeks of January’s launch, various obstacles have delayed its arrival. The anticipated release date was pushed back to late March or early April. However, the expected launch on April 20th did not occur, fueling concerns about potential underlying problems.

Notcoin’s Pre-Market Trading and NFT Vouchers

Starting in March, Notcoin gave its most devoted gamers a chance to possibly gain from the future value of the NOT token by letting them trade early. This program allowed players who had amassed at least 10 million in-game coins to swap their earnings for tradable NFT vouchers on The Open Network. Once the actual NOT token is released, these vouchers can be exchanged for it.

Using this novel method, individuals who signed up first were handsomely rewarded and generated considerable buzz around the upcoming NOT token launch. At present on the GetGems marketplace, an NFT receipt for 10 million in-game coins is priced approximately at $52 using Toncoin (TON). A total of over $14 million worth of Notcoin vouchers have already been traded, underlining the strong anticipation within the community for the NOT token.

Enthusiasts of gaming are excitedly waiting for the launch of Notcoin. The value of its NFT vouchers is steadily rising, demonstrating the belief and appreciation of users in Notcoin’s potential worth. At present, one Notcoin token is priced around $0.000005 according to pre-launch voucher pricing, reflecting the strong commitment and faith of supporters in Notcoin’s future market value.

Project’s Mystery and April Fool’s Ambiguity

With its unusual characteristics, such as initial secrecy and “we don’t make any promises” attitude, the project has sparked curiosity and rumors. The timing of its launch on April Fool’s Day further added to the ambiguity. Is this all just a prank, or is there a legitimate product with practical uses in development?

During their involvement with the TON project, which is often viewed as Telegram’s main blockchain endeavor, the team has earned some trust. However, there are still apprehensions. The fact that 94% of participants joined via referrals from friends creates doubts about natural expansion.

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2024-04-03 15:48