Medical Tech Firm Semler Scientific Prioritizes Bitcoin, Aims for $150M in Acquisitions

As a researcher with a background in finance and experience following the trends of companies in the tech industry, I find Semler Scientific’s recent move to adopt Bitcoin as its primary treasury asset intriguing. The company’s aggressive acquisition of over 800 Bitcoins worth millions of dollars is a clear indication of its strong belief in Bitcoin’s potential as an investment and store of value.

Semler Scientific, a renowned medical device manufacturer with the QuantaFlo diagnostic tool under its belt, seems to have shifted its focus towards acquiring Bitcoin as a top priority. According to Coinspeaker’s report in May, this Nasdaq-listed company made Bitcoin its primary treasury asset. Since then, it has substantially boosted its holdings and could potentially invest an additional $150 million in acquisition.

As a crypto investor, I recently came across some exciting news from Semler’s latest S-3 filing with the SEC. In this filing, Semler disclosed their intent to buy an extra $17 million worth of Bitcoin. To put it in perspective, they had already made their first purchase of 581 Bitcoins on May 28th. With this latest acquisition, my total Bitcoin holdings have now grown to 828 coins, currently valued at more than $58.5 million.

Semler Holds Bitcoin Highly,  Here’s Why

Semler’s most recent action underscores his firm conviction in Bitcoin’s promising future. The company declaration asserts that Bitcoin has indisputably demonstrated itself to be an attractive investment opportunity and a dependable form of value storage.

“We will continue to actively pursue our strategy of acquiring Bitcoin with available cash.”

Significantly, Semler is taking action aligned with its statements. The corporation also disclosed plans to sell $150 million in debt securities, earmarked for additional Bitcoin investments. This implies that Bitcoin holds considerable importance for the company, be it on a level with or even surpassing its primary healthcare business.

In contemporary terminology, Semler’s latest actions reflect their perception of Bitcoin as a compelling shield against inflation. The company is convinced that this digital currency offers unique benefits over conventional hedging assets such as gold, mainly due to its much smaller market capitalization. As evidence of this perspective, the filing discloses Semler’s stance, stating:

Based on the large difference in value between Bitcoin and gold, we hold the view that Bitcoin offers a promising opportunity for sizeable gains as its role as the “digital equivalent of gold” expands further.

It’s worth noting that Semler’s involvement with Bitcoin doesn’t carry over to other cryptocurrencies. The company made it clear that they currently have no intention of investing in any other digital assets.

A Growing Trend

Semler has shifted Bitcoin into its main treasury reserve asset. This decision mirrors a developing trend among international corporations, as they too explore the potential benefits of holding Bitcoin for financial security.

As a researcher studying the trend in Bitcoin investments, I’ve come across two noteworthy entities: MicroStrategy and Metaplanet. Both companies have been actively buying large quantities of Bitcoin and displaying unwavering commitment to this digital asset.

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2024-06-07 13:40