Lost And Found: Hackers Successfully Access Decade-Old Bitcoin Wallet, Retrieve $3 Million

As an analyst with a background in cybersecurity and extensive experience in the crypto space, I find this story both intriguing and concerning. The successful recovery of Michael’s lost Bitcoin fortune through hacking highlights the importance of robust password security and the potential vulnerabilities of older software.

As a crypto investor, I was taken aback when I heard the news that two unidentified individuals had miraculously managed to decipher an ancient password linked to a digital wallet. This long-forgotten code had been dormant for years, but now, it had come back to life, unlocking approximately $2 million in Bitcoin (BTC). What a rollercoaster ride the crypto world can be!

Lost Bitcoin Fortune Unlocked

According to Wired’s account, the tale kicks off in 2013 when an anonymous person, referred to as “Michael,” safeguarded his Bitcoins in a digitally shielded wallet. Tragically, he subsequently encountered issues accessing this vault due to a damaged file harboring the 20-character password, which had been previously saved with RoboForm password manager.

As a researcher studying information security, I understand the importance of prioritizing security measures. However, in Michael’s case, his anxieties over potential hacking attacks made him hesitant to store his password in a manager. Unfortunately, this decision resulted in him being locked out of his fortune.

Meet Joe Grand, a highly esteemed electrical engineer and skilled hardware hacker, affectionately referred to as “Kingpin” in certain circles. In the year 2022, Grand garnered widespread acclaim for assisting another individual in retrieving $2 million worth of cryptocurrency assets, who had unfortunately forgotten the PIN for their Trezor wallet. Since then, a multitude of people have sought his expertise; however, Grand is meticulous in selecting the projects he takes on.

Approximately two years ago, Michael first reached out to Grand for help in retrieving some lost Bitcoins. Yet, given the complexities involved with managing a digital wallet, Grand regretfully turned down his plea.

Despite this, Michael remained determined, and by last June, Grand relented and decided to collaborate anew. They joined forces with a German hacker named Bruno.

After painstakingly working on it for several months, Grand and Bruno made a major discovery during their investigation. They found a weakness in the random number generation algorithm utilized by RoboForm back in 2013 that Michael had used.

The issue linked the produced passwords to the user’s computer’s date and time, making them foreseeable. With this information, the hackers formulated a strategy to take advantage of the vulnerability and decipher the password.

The primary challenge we faced was Michael’s inability to remember the precise date when the password was created. Nevertheless, with the information that Bitcoins were initially transferred into his wallet on April 14, 2013, Grand and Bruno set up RoboForm to generate passwords within a defined timeframe using Michael’s parameters.

From Forgotten To Found

Although their early efforts didn’t bear fruit, Grand and Bruno remained determined. They fine-tuned the conditions and deadlines until they succeeded on November 15, 2023. The elusive password, consisting of twenty characters generated on May 15, 2013, was finally unearthed, revealing the long-lost Bitcoin fortune to Michael.

The report points out that Michael’s restored assets have sparked worries regarding password security, specifically for individuals who created passwords through older editions of RoboForm.

Although Siber Systems asserted that they addressed the issue with RoboForm in 2015, concerns persist regarding the security of older passwords saved in the software. It’s essential to be aware of the advancements in password creation implemented in more recent editions.

Michael was overjoyed to regain control of his Bitcoin stash. He bided his time and sold a portion when the value surged, boosting his wealth. Currently worth around $3 million with 30 coins, Michael hopes for even bigger gains as he dreams of Bitcoin reaching an astounding price of $100,000 per coin.

Lost And Found: Hackers Successfully Access Decade-Old Bitcoin Wallet, Retrieve $3 Million

From my research perspective, as of now, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is valued at around $68,200 on the market. Over the past week, it has been holding steady below the significant resistance level of $70,000. This threshold plays a vital role in determining the potential direction of Bitcoin’s uptrend.

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