Is This The Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Ever? Analyst Says Yes!

As a researcher with experience in cryptocurrency analysis, I find TechDev’s chart analysis to be both intriguing and significant. The historical patterns and technical indicators he presents suggest that Bitcoin could be on the verge of a major breakout, which could lead to unprecedented price levels.

Expert’s take: The renowned crypto analyst TechDev (@TechDev_52) has presented an intricate chart examination indicating a possible imminent breakthrough for Bitcoin, which could potentially be its most substantial yet. Based on historical tendencies and technical signals, this analysis hints at a potential market transformation that might result in unmatched price heights for Bitcoin.

The TechDev chart demonstrates Bitcoin’s USD price movement alongside its value in relation to the M1 money supply (BTC/M1). Bitcoin has historically shown distinct patterns of steep price rises, referred to as “blowoff tops,” which are marked with green check marks on the chart and occurred in 2011, 2013, and 2017. Following each peak, there were notable corrections.

Is This The Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Ever? Analyst Says Yes!

Significantly, the 2021 market peak didn’t follow the typical blowoff top pattern, as shown by the red cross on the graph. This departure from past trends is noteworthy, implying a potential shift in market dynamics.

The chart provided by TechDev reveals an essential figure called the “descending right-angled broadening formation.” This technical pattern is marked by a succession of lower peak prices and lower trough prices, leading to a widening triangle shape. During this phase, the price action usually indicates a time of price containment as it bounces between the expanding trendlines before experiencing a significant breakout. The graph suggests that Bitcoin has recently shattered through these expanding wedge trendlines, suggesting a possible transition from a consolidation phase to an upswing trend.

As a seasoned crypto investor, I’ve noticed an intriguing pattern in Bitcoin’s price action. After extended periods of consolidation against M1 money supply, we often witness explosive rallies that some call “blow-off tops.” The current breakout is no exception, and it follows the longest period of consolidation we’ve experienced in the last five years.

Bitcoin Could Outpace The 2021 Cycle

One essential part of TechDev’s examination is the surge of Bitcoin in contrast to the M1 money supply. The M1 money supply encompasses physical cash and readily available deposit accounts, representing the most fluid types of money circulating in the economy. Notably, TechDev highlights that Bitcoin has exceeded the M1 money supply for the initial time since March 2017. This development is noteworthy as it implies Bitcoin’s recent price growth is fueled by organic demand rather than merely swelling money supply levels.

Is This The Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Ever? Analyst Says Yes!

In 2021, Bitcoin reached new USD highs due to increased money supply. However, in 2024, it surpassed those highs based on its own demand, resulting in a breakout against the M1 money supply. Considering the anticipated growth of M1 during this period, we may observe Bitcoin outperforming expectations, partly influenced by the 2021 trends.

As a researcher studying the tech sector, I cannot stress enough the significance of examining Bitcoin’s behavior in relation to macroeconomic factors such as the M1 money supply. When Bitcoin manages to surpass the M1 growth rate, it indicates robust intrinsic demand, which is an optimistic indicator for future price trends. Historically, similar breakouts have been followed by blowoff tops, hinting that Bitcoin might be entering a new phase of price exploration, potentially paving the way for record-breaking highs.

At press time, BTC traded at $69,032.

Is This The Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Ever? Analyst Says Yes!

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2024-06-03 10:52