Horse Racing Game NEOBRED Integrates with Avalanche for Superior Web3 Gaming Experience

Blockchain horse racing game NEOBRED has announced that it is integrating with blockchain Avalanche to provide players with a superior gaming experience by leveraging the network’s speed and cost-effectiveness.

A spokesperson from NEOBRED said of the integration:

“We are excited to integrate with Avalanche and offer our players a new level of gaming performance and efficiency […] Avalanche’s speed, scalability, and low costs have the potential to make NEOBRED one of the most enjoyable blockchain horse racing games on the market.”

NEOBRED allows players to own, train and breed horses which they can use to take part in races and earn rewards. Finishing in the top ranks in races is a key way to win prizes in the game and so players have to choose steeds with genetic combinations ideal for a race-horse. As part of an intensive 40-turn training period, players have the chance to make strategic decisions to turn their newly minted steed into a “uniquely skilled and diverse racing-ready horse.” The training focuses on specific attributes such as speed, power, stamina, and elemental abilities.

Upon retirement, NEOBRED horses are converted into GENEs. A GENE inherits the horse’s attributes and can be paired with DNA to breed a new generation of steeds. Players have the option of taking part in the full-gaming experience from breeding to retirement or they can choose to specialize in gaming aspects like breeding, training, or racing.

Layer-1 blockchain Avalanche is known for its speed, low cost, scalability, and security. It is one of the fastest smart contract networks by time-to-finality and asserts that it uses “the same energy as only 46 US households each year.” According to NEOBRED, these features make it the ideal platform for the game because they provide players with smooth web3 gaming that does not incur trade-offs.

“We are excited to welcome NEOBRED to the Avalanche ecosystem,” said Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs. “NEOBRED looks like it will take a proven on-chain game model with racing to the next level by improving gameplay.”

The game is set to launch before the end of the year.

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2023-10-26 16:20