Hamster Kombat to Finally Conduct Its TGE Event in July after Crossing Over 200M Users

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and gaming industry, I’m thrilled to see the exciting developments taking place in the Hamster Kombat community. The upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) and potential airdrop distribution are particularly noteworthy.

Hamster Kombat, a widely-used crypto game on Telegram with an engaging play-to-earn (P2E) model, has some thrilling developments in store this month. The long-awaited Token Generation Event (TGE) is about to take place on the Web3 platform, marking Hamster Kombat’s official debut on The Open Network (TON).

Users are anticipating that the forthcoming occasion might involve an airdrop reward. The platform has been hinting at the potential release of an airdrop as a token of appreciation for those who have actively engaged with the app since its debut.

At the event, eligible users can easily obtain their airdrop allotment straight from the app. Presently, in order to partake in Hamster’s airdrop, users need to link their TON wallets with the app and accomplish certain tasks.

Airdrop Distribution Details

As a researcher studying the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world, I can tell you that users will soon be receiving the app’s native digital currency, HMSTR, through an airdrop distribution. This token boasts a maximum supply of ten billion units and is currently available on multiple crypto exchanges such as Gate.io and Bitget.

Beyond the scheduled TGE in July, the project’s itinerary unveils an additional event hosted by Hamster. The Telegram-based game aims to enrich player experience by introducing novel in-game elements. These enhancements are intended to bolster community influence and heighten interest in its token HMSTR.

The new in-game functions will expand the token’s utility, enabling players to apply the digital currency to diverse activities within the GameFi platform.

Hamster previewed some upcoming features for its Web3 game in Q3 of 2024. In this period, players can anticipate the addition of squad combat, fresh characters and skins, limited-time events, and live shows to enhance the gaming experience for the expanding community.

The P2E game built on blockchain technology has some upcoming developments scheduled for the final three months of the year. However, they choose to withhold this information from the public at present.

Is Hamster Headed for a Guinness World Record?

In March, Hamster gained significant attention among crypto enthusiasts after its debut. Similar to Notcoin (NOT) and Tapswap, this innovative platform is built on Telegram.

Last week, the Telegram project, which uses Telegram as its platform, revealed that it has become the third-fastest app ever to amass over 150 million users. Hamster’s app, on the other hand, experienced extraordinary growth and hit 200 million users within a mere three months. This rapid expansion makes Hamster one of the most buzzworthy trends in the crypto sphere for the year 2024.

In the realm of technology, this achievement stands out notably due to the scarcity of businesses able to garner such swift interest from the public.

As a researcher studying the growth of popular mobile apps, I’ve discovered an intriguing comparison between the user adoption rates of different platforms. In the summer of 2016, Pok√©mon GO, an augmented reality game, reached the impressive milestone of 150 million users within 33 days of its launch. This record-breaking achievement held until the following summer in 2023, when Threads, Instagram’s competitor, surpassed that number in merely six days. Most recently, Hamster has joined this esteemed league by reaching 150 million users in a similarly swift manner.

After hitting a significant user count, the platform broke another record on Wednesday with over 210 million users, leaving one to wonder if Hamster is aiming for a Guinness World Record.

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2024-07-04 10:26