Hamster Kombat Becomes Largest Telegram Channel since March 26 Launch

As an experienced analyst, I’m intrigued by the rapid growth of mini apps on social networking platforms, particularly Telegram, and the success stories of Hamster Kombat and Notcoin. These applications have tapped into a new trend in the Web3 sector and have gained massive popularity, especially among younger audiences.

Telegram, a widely-used social networking app, has experienced remarkable expansion, now boasting nearly 1.5 billion total users and approximately 800 million monthly active ones. Notably, a mini app called Hamster Kombat has gained significant attention on TikTok and Telegram itself. This channel holds the title of being the largest on Telegram globally, with an impressive subscriber base of 11.25 million users, and a reported “25 million CEOs” as part of its Hamster community.

According to a picture shared on Hamster Kombat’s Telegram channel, approximately 24.8 million users are active, with an average of 19.8 sessions per user. The popularity of mini apps has surged lately with the introduction of Notcoin (NOT), a viral game that operates using a tap-to-earn mining system.

Within just two short months of its debut, the sensationally popular Telegram game Notcoin amassed a user base of 30 million, demonstrating remarkable expansion in the Web3 industry. Following its listing on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, Notcoin experienced a meteoric rise to fame on a global scale.

In contrast, Hamster Kombat has experienced comparable expansion and now boasts an impressive following of 2.3 million users per post. Telegram Tips comes in second place among Telegram channels in terms of subscriber numbers.

As a researcher studying gaming trends, I’ve come across Hamster Kombat, an engaging crypto exchange simulation game. In this virtual world, players assume the role of a CEO and generate more income through purchasing upgrade cards. Two primary methods exist for acquiring these cards: inviting friends to join the game and completing in-game quests. By immersing themselves in this experience, players can simulate the real-life CEO position, providing an interactive alternative to sharing expertise on social media platforms like X (previously known as Twitter).

Every player will encounter a range of trials similar to those experienced by CEOs daily, and surprisingly, Hamster Kombat has amassed a large following.

Hamster Kombat Partners with a Blockchain Network

Hamster Kombat has teamed up with a cryptocurrency platform without specifying which one. They’ve invited their followers to take a stab at identifying the mystery network.

In the comment area, several users speculated that the partner chain for the mini app could be Binance, Bybit, or Toncoin (TON). However, the app has not yet revealed the name of the blockchain they have collaborated with. Additionally, some users suggested that Monster Kombat might have teamed up with Notcoin as a possibility.

Hamster Kombat responded to a user’s query about when the tokens will be available for trading on exchanges by explaining that currently, players are earning in-game currency within the platform itself.

As a crypto investor, I can tell you that prior to the listing, the tokens will be allocated amongst participants. Once the listing goes live, you’ll have the opportunity to sell these tokens in the open market. Importantly, the listing date and other trustworthy details will be shared within our community.

According to Hamster Kombat’s outlined plan, the token generation event is scheduled for May, which will be preceded by the introduction of unique cards and airdrop missions. In the following month, June, both the soft currency and HMSTR hard currency are anticipated to be released in the game.

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2024-05-24 16:27