FTX Seeks Customer Consensus: Multi-Billion Dollar Compensation Plan Goes To Vote

As a crypto investor who had my fair share of losses due to the collapse of FTX, I’m closely following the latest developments in the exchange’s Chapter 11 proceedings with a mix of hope and skepticism. The prospect of recovering up to 119% of my lost assets is certainly enticing, but I’m also aware that this is not a guarantee, especially given FTX’s complicated asset situation.

FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that experienced financial troubles and collapsed fraudulently in November 2022, intends to submit its Chapter 11 reorganization plan for approval by its customers. This plan aims to provide compensation to affected users and settle any regulatory penalties.

As an analyst, I can tell you that Judge John Dorsey’s decision is a significant milestone in the two-year-long bankruptcy process for FTX. The creditors’ vote holds immense importance in the restructuring efforts. Although key customer committees have expressed their support for FTX’s plan, there is a vocal group that strongly objects and demands substantial revisions.

FTX Offers Customers 119% Asset Recovery

Based on Bloomberg’s report, FTX customers are projected to get back approximately 119% of their assets when the company filed for bankruptcy in November 2022. Creditors with higher claims could potentially receive up to 143% of what they were owed.

As a researcher studying FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings, I’ve discovered that according to the company’s legal team, the value of claims should be determined based on the worth of those claims at the time they were filed, regardless of any subsequent price increases in the cryptocurrency market.

FTX is seeking input from its customers on the proposed repayment plan, as they have not been consulted before.

The firm continues its discussions with federal officials and is considering ways to employ federal claims against FTX for the benefit of impacted clients.

Significantly, FTX has resolved a $24 billion tax dispute with the United States Internal Revenue Service. According to the agreement, the company is required to make a payment of $200 million to the IRS within two months of executing its proposed restructuring plan.

As a crypto investor using FTX, I’m relieved to learn that the exchange has reached a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This agreement enables FTX to pay only a portion of the amount initially claimed by the tax authority. Consequently, FTX can now distribute substantial customer recoveries, providing a sense of security for those who had funds tied up in the platform during this period.

In simpler terms, the IRS is entitled to a claim worth $685 million from FTX, but this claim will be paid after all other debts and obligations have been fulfilled, assuming sufficient funds are available. This information was disclosed in a court filing submitted by FTX in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

SBF’s Fraud Conviction Shadows Bankruptcy Proceedings 

Currently, FTX is generating revenue from its holdings, as it was reportedly unable to provide segregated digital assets directly linked to customer claims against the exchange. Instead, FTX has amassed a collection of assets obtained using misappropriated customer funds, making the process of providing compensation a intricate issue.

Customers possess the opportunity to cast their votes on the Chapter 11 plan by August 16. Following the customer vote, Judge Dorsey will contemplate and potentially grant approval for the plan on October 7.

In 2022, FTX, the crypto trading platform founded by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), went bankrupt and SBF handed over management to bankruptcy experts. Following this development, Bankman-Fried was himself charged with fraud, a conviction that carries a sentence of up to 25 years. He has stated his intention to challenge this verdict.

FTX Seeks Customer Consensus: Multi-Billion Dollar Compensation Plan Goes To Vote

At present, the value of FTT, the native token for the exchange, stands at $1.43, marking a 2% increase over the previous 24 hours. Yearly, its price has risen by 27%.

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