Forget Bitcoin, Altcoins Are The Winners Of This Cycle, Crypto Analyst Says

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has drawn significant attention from all investors before the upcoming halving event. Market experts anticipate more price increases for Bitcoin‘s token. However, Jason Pizzino, a crypto analyst, advocated for giving equal importance to altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).

Ethereum And Solana Still Primed For Strong Moves Ahead Of Bitcoin

In a recent YouTube video, Pizzino proposed the possibility of Ethereum undergoing significant growth within the next few months. This perspective stemmed from his examination of the ETH/BTC chart, where he observed that Bitcoin was dominating with fresh record highs (ATH), while Ethereum appeared to be stabilizing.

According to the analyst’s observation, the current situation resembles the past bull market where Ethereum stayed steady during Bitcoin’s record-breaking price hikes. Nevertheless, Ethereum later experienced a substantial surge, whereas Bitcoin took a break. Consequently, if we follow this pattern, Ethereum could potentially undergo another price reversal and exhibit exponential growth.

Pizzino pointed out that SOL, similar to other altcoins, could see price fluctuations against Bitcoin’s value. During the previous bull market, SOL underwent substantial declines when Bitcoin reached new all-time highs. However, a change in trend occurred afterward, leading to upward movements for SOL.

In other words, just as Ethereum (ETH) has experienced significant price increases in the past, so too might Solana (SOL). Pizzino advises staying alert and viewing any price decreases as a chance to buy and prepare for potential future price jumps.

Ethereum Showing Some Strength 

Michele van de Poppe, a cryptocurrency analyst, shared similar views with Pizzino through his X (previously known as Twitter) post. While examining the ETHBTC chart, he pointed out that Ethereum’s price has yet to show substantial progress relative to Bitcoin. Yet, he expressed optimism, noting that it’s a “positive indication” to observe some minor gains in Ethereum.

Van de Poppe, similar to Pizzino, holds the belief that Ethereum is poised for a significant price shift in relation to Bitcoin’s value in the near future. He remains optimistic about Ethereum’s potential and has emphasized his continued faith in the second-largest crypto token by market cap. Additionally, van de Poppe advocates for certain other altcoins, expressing his viewpoint that they remain underpriced.

In a previous post on X, he pointed out that altcoins have dropped by 25-40% from their recent peaks. But according to van de Poppe, this is an ideal moment to invest, as these dips should be viewed as chances instead of setbacks.

Forget Bitcoin, Altcoins Are The Winners Of This Cycle, Crypto Analyst Says

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2024-04-01 21:04