Ethereum Rising, 2 Million Addresses Will Be In Money If $3,200 Is Broken

As a researcher with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market, I’ve witnessed firsthand Ethereum’s volatile price action and its ability to surprise traders with sudden shifts in momentum. The recent surge above $3,000 is an encouraging sign for investors and traders who have been holding onto their ETH through the bearish spell.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I’ve observed Ethereum bouncing back above the $3,000 mark following a brief dip below $2,800, much like Bitcoin and other leading altcoins have done recently. This recovery has brought renewed hope to holders of crashed tokens and traders alike. However, for demand to truly pick up, Ethereum must secure a close above the $3,200 threshold.

Ethereum Rising: Will Bulls Push Above $3,200?

Based on information from IntoTheBlock, reaching a price of $3,200 for Ethereum would represent a significant milestone for traders. Approximately two million entities that previously engaged in trades at this price level would then experience a profit.

Ethereum Rising, 2 Million Addresses Will Be In Money If $3,200 Is Broken

If the prices reach this point again, it presents an opportunity for initial buyers to sell and recoup their original investment, achieving a neutral position. Meanwhile, investors with a strong belief in further price growth may consider increasing their holdings.

Up to this point, there are indications of resilience. Yet, despite buyers holding some ground, a dip below $3,300 could significantly impact the market situation in the near and intermediate future. This level, as shown on the Ethereum-Tether daily chart candlestick configuration, was earlier support but now acts as resistance.

Ethereum Rising, 2 Million Addresses Will Be In Money If $3,200 Is Broken

A significant price increase, accompanied by increasing trading activity, is expected to establish a foundation for further growth. This surge could propel the coin upwards, reaching crucial selling points at $3,700 and subsequently $3,900.

If sellers regain control, overturning recent progress and aligning with the price action from July 4 and 5, a fall below $2,800 would indicate a continuation of the downtrend. Analyzing candlestick patterns, Ethereum is likely to plunge to new lows for several weeks in this scenario, potentially reaching $2,500.

Eyes On Spot ETFs, Whales Accumulating As ETH Becomes Scarce

In general, there’s a sense of positivity among analysts regarding Ethereum’s future price movement. This optimism stems from the upcoming launch of physically-backed Ethereum ETFs, which are expected to be listed in the near term. Consequently, many believe that Ethereum’s value will rise as a result.

Institutions’ entry into Bitcoin through ETFs has significantly increased its value, and it is anticipated that similar inflows will occur for Ethereum. This institutional interest is believed to drive up Ethereum’s price, surpassing $4,100 and setting new record highs in the upcoming months.

It’s intriguing to note that despite anticipation of an Ethereum ETF launch, investor optimism towards Ethereum appears subdued. On-chain indicators suggest that bullish sentiment is currently at its lowest point in the past year, hinting at a cautious stance among Ethereum holders.

Ethereum Rising, 2 Million Addresses Will Be In Money If $3,200 Is Broken

As an analyst examining Ethereum (ETH) trends, I’ve noticed a recent surge in ETH outflows from exchanges, according to on-chain data. It’s important to note that exchanges like Binance and Coinbase hold approximately 10.17% of the total ETH in circulation. Simultaneously, data from another perspective reveals that an impressive 28% of all Ethereum is currently being staked.

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2024-07-10 21:41