dYdX Chain Goes Live, Launches Bridge User Interface for Token Conversion

The dYdX Foundation may have just made a series of new announcements signaling the arrival of a new phase in the ecosystem. This follows after it announced the launch of its mainnet on October 30, with claims that Genesis Validators had created the first block of the chain, four days before. Having earlier released the Chain’s open-source software on October 24, dYdX also announced the deployment of a new Bridge User Interface (UI).

dYdX  Bridge User Interface

Per the announcement, the Bridge UI is immediately available to the public and can be used to facilitate the conversion of ethDYDX to DYDX. This means that users may now transfer DYDX tokens from the Ethereum network to the dYdX Chain, thereby broadening the token’s utility.

For ease of conversion, dYdX has posted a bridging guide on its website. However, the foundation also promises to release a staking guide in earnest, thus opening up a way for users to partake in network security.

dYdX Foundation Aims to Secure Network

According to a recent blog post by the dYdX Operations subDAO, the dYdX Chain will undergo three phases. That is; Pre Genesis, Genesis, and Post-Genesis. And, as of publication, the Chain is now in the post-genesis phase, which is also made up of two stages: Alpha and Beta.

For what it’s worth, the Alpha stage, according to the blueprint, is expected to focus on improving the network’s security and stability. Interestingly, a major part of achieving this stability would be tied around staking DYDX tokens to dYdX Chain Validators. So, as more DYDX holders stake their tokens across different Validators in the network, the total amount of stake on the network increases. Ultimately, this serves to effectively increase the network’s security, making it more difficult to carry out coordinated attacks on it.

Transitioning to the Beta stage, however, would depend on performance metrics and a successful governance vote, among other factors. Eventually, the Beta stage is expected to pave the way for a full version of the dYdX Chain.

With the new updates going on in the dYdX ecosystem, it appears that the dYdX Chain is ready to take up an active role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. More so, considering the fast rate at which staking options are becoming available, the dYdX Chain may be setting a progressive example of how blockchain networks should shape up to meet the ever-increasing need for security and high performance in the digital world of today.

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2023-10-31 11:31