Dogecoin Flashes Major Bullish Signal On 3-Day Chart, Here’s The Target

As an experienced crypto analyst, I believe that Dogecoin (DOGE) could be on the verge of a significant bullish reversal based on recent technical indicators. The TD Sequential buy signal on its 3-day chart suggests a potential rebound of one to four candlesticks for DOGE, which could push the meme coin back up towards its previous resistance level around $0.17.

Based on a recent technical indication, Dogecoin (DOGE) might be poised for a significant bullish turnaround. Crypto expert Ali Martinez pointed out this bullish signal for the meme currency and even suggested potential heights Dogecoin could reach during its upward trend.

A Rebound For Dogecoin On The Horizon

Martinez indicated in a recent post on X (previously Twitter) that the TD Sequential indicator is signaling a buy opportunity for Dogecoin on its 3-day chart. This suggests that DOGE may experience a recovery of roughly one to four candlesticks, potentially bringing its price back up to around $0.17. According to the chart he provided, this level was where Dogecoin initiated its decline in early June.

Dogecoin Flashes Major Bullish Signal On 3-Day Chart, Here’s The Target

Holders of Dogecoin have been facing a lengthy downturn and would undoubtedly rejoice at a significant surge in the value of their meme coin investment. Unfortunately, Dogecoin has yet to mount an impressive rally like its leading meme coin counterparts following the highly publicized return of Roaring Kitty.

As a crypto investor, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the meme coin market took a significant blow due to the recent turbulence that swept through the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin set the tone for altcoins by plunging towards the end of June. However, with Bitcoin rebounding and climbing back above $63,000, there’s a good chance Dogecoin could bounce back from its current price level and stage an impressive recovery as well.

From my perspective as a researcher, I’ve discovered an intriguing relationship between Dogecoin’s price fluctuations and Bitcoin’s trends based on data from IntoTheBlock’s market intelligence platform. This correlation suggests that if Bitcoin recovers, Dogecoin could experience substantial price growth as well.

Expert’s response:

DOGE Could Reach $0.6 On Next Leg Up

Crypto analyst Javon Marks has expressed his belief that Dogecoin could soon surge to $0.6 in its upcoming price increase. He noted that the coin might be gearing up for a breakthrough at the resistance level of $0.6533, implying this development could happen relatively soon. Marks further emphasized that such a bullish trend, resulting in a nearly 400% price hike to hit the target, could potentially be underway.

Dogecoin Flashes Major Bullish Signal On 3-Day Chart, Here’s The Target

Marked his calendar with a prediction: Dogecoin could surge up to $17 during this bull market. He justified this bold call by pointing out Dogecoin’s past trend. This popular meme coin tends to make larger price jumps in each successive bull market, which suggests it may exceed its 22,800% gain in the 2021 bull run.

Dogecoin Flashes Major Bullish Signal On 3-Day Chart, Here’s The Target

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