DeFi Protocol Chainge Secures $13M Investment to Enhance Cross-chain Trading

As an experienced financial analyst, I see Chainge’s recent $13 million funding round as a significant step forward for the cross-chain liquidity protocol. With investments from reputable crypto-focused firms like GEM Digital and Alpha Token Capital, Chainge is poised to expand its business offerings and make cross-border trading more accessible to users worldwide through advanced AI solutions.

Two cryptocurrency investment firms have poured $13 million into Chainge, a cross-chain liquidity protocol, to broaden its services and facilitate cross-border trading for users worldwide via advanced AI technologies.

On Monday, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol disclosed that they had secured investments totalling $13 million. GEM Digital contributed $10 million, while Alpha Token Capital (ATC) added $3 million to the fund.

As a crypto investor, I’m thrilled to announce that Chainge has successfully raised $13 Million in funding from esteemed investors GEM Digital and Alpha Token Capital. This significant investment will fuel the growth of our advanced AI-Trading Protocol, enabling us to expand its capabilities and reach even greater heights in the crypto market.
As a researcher studying advancements in technology, I can tell you that this innovative leap is prepared to fuel continuous expansion. It will introduce groundbreaking AI-integrated solutions to a worldwide audience.
— Chainge 🪢 (@FinanceChainge) May 27, 2024

Back in April 2024, Chainge proposed the plan to acquire additional funds from undisclosed investment firms to its community. With approximately $100 million worth of assets secured in their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), they sought the consent of their token holders before proceeding with this fundraising initiative.

Chainge’s Expansion Plans

In the proposal, it was suggested that 50 million units of the XCHNG token would be made available to the market. This equates to around 10% of the current circulating tokens in existence.

The network hasn’t disclosed the decision regarding the proposal, but the community seems to have agreed to the terms. Subsequently, they have announced receiving financial backing from two investment firms.

The newly acquired capital is earmarked for advancing and expanding Chainge’s reach on a global scale, with the platform intending to allocate resources towards advertising campaigns that aim to bring in a larger user base.

A portion of the funds will be allocated for hiring elite professionals to merge advanced AI with innovative tech solutions.

As a protocol analyst, I can share that our cross-chain project intends to execute its strategy by positioning ourselves as a major player in the liquidity market within the industry. We plan to allocate resources towards this goal, while also investing in new partnerships and offering incentives for token holders.

Chainge Adds Support for Kaspa

Launched in 2021, Chainge aspires to challenge existing norms in cross-chain trading by capitalizing on new prospects arising from the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency marketplace.

As a researcher studying the field of cryptocurrency platforms, I’d describe it this way: I work with Najam Kidwai, Mike Lempress, and Dejun Qian on a platform that empowers users by providing them with the necessary tools to explore and engage with various cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains.

“Chainge is leading the way in the crypto industry with impressive advancements, recognized as the premier cross-chain trading platform featuring high liquidity. The team proudly boasts it as the most sophisticated decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator ever constructed.”

In the previous year, the platform established a connection with Kaspa, the pioneering blockDAG aimed at creating an inclusive and expansive payment system on a global scale.

According to Dejun Qian, the CEO of Chainge, there is a shared vision between our platforms for creating a more open and decentralized financial system.

He additionally pointed out that the mutual understanding drew Kaspa towards working together. Importantly, merging Kaspa’s network into Chainge would provide users with a more “unified and secure interaction”.

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2024-05-27 17:40