Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP Price Will Rally 50,000% To $250, Here’s When

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in XRP, I find Chad Steingraber’s ultra-bullish prediction for the token intriguing. His belief that XRP could reach $250 by 2025 aligns with my own optimistic outlook on the cryptocurrency’s potential growth. Steingraber’s reasoning behind this price target – an upcoming XRP ETF and the resolution of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple – resonates with me as well.

Expert’s Take: Chad Steingraber, a seasoned cryptocurrency analyst, has expressed an extremely optimistic forecast regarding XRP‘s price potential. He believes that the value of this crypto token could surge to three-digit figures in the future. Additionally, he provided insights into the expected timeline for reaching this price milestone.

XRP Will Hit $250 In This Market Cycle

As a researcher, I came across a post from Steingraber where he expressed his perspective on the future price trends of various cryptocurrencies. He stated that XRP could potentially reach $250 by the year 2025, marking what he believes will be the peak price for this crypto token during the current bull run. Simultaneously, he forecasted that Bitcoin and Ethereum would hit impressive milestones of their own, with prices reaching $250,000 and $25,000 respectively in 2025 – also considered as their market tops.

Steingraber has shared multiple arguments in the past explaining his optimistic stance on XRP and predicting its potential for substantial growth. One factor he mentioned could significantly boost XRP’s price is the possibility of an XRP Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). By having an XRP ETF, this financial instrument would grant additional value to XRP since ETF issuers would deposit their assets into a central institutional pool.

He believes an XRP ETF will drive more demand for the crypto token, ultimately driving up its price when a supply shock occurs. Steingraber also believes that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple is one of the factors suppressing XRP’s price up until now. 

As a researcher, I’ve previously observed that XRP‘s price hadn’t been increasing due to a lack of new funds entering its ecosystem. However, I was confident that this situation would change once the SEC’s legal action against Ripple had concluded. Many other industry experts share my belief that XRP’s price could soar and reach triple digits following the resolution of the ongoing lawsuit.

Expert analysis by JackTheRippler and CryptoBull suggests optimistic outlooks for XRP‘s future value. JackTheRippler anticipates XRP surpassing $100 following the lawsuit’s resolution, while proposing an even more ambitious target of $10,000. Meanwhile, CryptoBull envisions a significant surge, projecting XRP to reach $154, representing a potential increase of 28,900%.

XRP Price To $7.5 In The Meantime

Expert analysis by cryptocurrency analyst Egrag Crypto points to a price target of $7.5 for XRP as a significant milestone before potential further gains predicted by some analysts, such as Steingraber. In a recent post on the XRP community forum, Egrag identified this level as a key objective, expressing it as “our first goal at $7.5.” The analyst then elaborated on the potential path to reaching this price point.

Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP Price Will Rally 50,000% To $250, Here’s When

The speaker is confident that XRP will shatter the white triangle on the provided chart and reach the projected target of $1.5 based on its current trend. Subsequently, he anticipates XRP to advance towards $7.5. However, he cautions that the Fib 1.618 level, which encompasses $7.5, is “vital” and could lead to substantial profit-taking. Consequently, there’s a strong possibility that XRP may experience a considerable pullback upon reaching this point.

If XRP manages to secure a weekly closure above the Fib level of 1.618, Egrag predicted that the cryptocurrency could head towards “the mid-range of the double digits, specifically around the Fibonacci retracement levels of 2.414 and 2.618.”

Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP Price Will Rally 50,000% To $250, Here’s When

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2024-06-11 10:55