Crypto Analyst Predicts Top 8 Altcoins With 50x Potential Not Yet On Binance

Crypto expert Xremlin, or @0x_gremlin on social media with a following of 104,000, predicted that the altcoin market in 2024 could surpass the remarkable growth experienced in 2021. Looking back at past exchange listings, Xremlin highlighted his belief that “The altcoin boom in 2024 will outshine the one in 2021. Prepare for your investments to reach new heights in Valhalla.”

In the 2021 cryptocurrency market surge, altcoins like Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL) experienced an astonishing 300-fold increase. This significant growth can primarily be linked to their inclusion in prominent centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as Binance and Coinbase, as noted by the analyst. “The surge of MATIC and SOL was driven by listings on major exchanges. Binance and Coinbase listings brought in vast amounts of retail investment,” the crypto expert explained.

The heart of Xremlin’s assessment rests on the proven influence that getting listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase has on the worth of digital currencies. As per the analyst, “The following 8 altcoins are strong candidates for trading there, resulting in potential price jumps of up to 10-50 times their current value.”

Cryptocurrency listings can cause prices to jump significantly, anywhere from 3 to 10 times the initial value. This is mostly attributed to the large user bases on these platforms getting excited about new tokens. Xremlin stressed the importance of having ample liquidity for a cryptocurrency project’s longevity, explaining, “For a project to thrive in the long term, it needs access to vast pools of liquidity.”

Crypto Analyst Predicts Top 8 Altcoins With 50x Potential Not Yet On Binance

From this viewpoint, being featured on top-tier centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs) offers a significant competitive edge for Xremlin. Our team at Xremlin has pinpointed eight promising altcoins that not only have a good chance of getting listed on these exchanges but also hold the potential for substantial value growth. Let’s explore each of these altcoins in detail:

Top 8 Altcoins Not Listed On Tier-1 Crypto Exchanges

Entanglefi functions as an all-encompassing infrastructure, working to transform how data is supplied to smart contracts on various blockchains. Currently valued at $232 million with a trading price of $1.96, Entanglefi’s role as a Layer 1 (foundational) protocol emphasizes its significant impact in the blockchain industry.

ALPH (ALEPHIUM): According to crypto analysis, Alephium is a Layer 1 blockchain solution priced at $2.75 and boasting a market cap of $203 million. Notably, this platform addresses the significant challenges of accessibility, scalability, and security that many decentralized applications (dApps) encounter.

Normie, a memecoin aimed at a wider audience, has a market value of $120 million and a price of $0.1237. It’s worth noting that Normie operates on Coinase’s Base protocol, which some believe could follow in the footsteps of Solana’s successful memcoin trend.

CPOOL (CLEARPOOL): Clearpool sets itself apart as a decentralized platform for institutional borrowers in the real-world asset sector, offering pooled liquidity for individual borrowers. The marketplace is currently assessed at a value of $140 million, with each token being traded at around $0.30.

Ballz (Wolfballs): This cryptocurrency, modeled after a brave wolf, is currently priced at $0.045 and boasts a market capitalization of $45 million. Ballz aims to surf the wave of popularity among Solana memcoins, particularly Dogwithit (With).

IXS (IX SWAP): IX Swap is a safe venue for exchanging real-life assets and security tokens, backed by authorized custodians and brokerage firms. It currently has a market value of $140 million and a present price of $0.8425.

Degen is another cryptocurrency token based on the Binance Smart Chain, currently valued at $0.01696 with a market capitalization of $211 million. Its allure stems from the lively community of crypto enthusiasts who resonate with the “degen” subculture.

NMT (NETMIND): Netmind uses blockchain technology to distribute AI model processing power worldwide, making it decentralized. At a price of $6.96 and a market value of $240 million, it aspires to represent the leading edge of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

At press time, @0x_gremlin’s top pick NGL traded at $1.87.

Crypto Analyst Predicts Top 8 Altcoins With 50x Potential Not Yet On Binance

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