Crypto Analyst Predicts 600%-1000% Return For XRP, Here’s The Target

A crypto expert believes XRP‘s value could skyrocket by over 600%, signaling a significant price jump for this digital currency. Though XRP has historically grown slowly, recent developments indicate it may significantly gain value during the predicted cryptocurrency market boom in 2024.

Price Projected To Soar Above $5

A crypto expert named Egrag Crypto has expressed his belief on X (previously known as Twitter) that XRP is set for a significant price jump, potentially reaching between 600% and 1000% increase from its current value to hit new peak prices around $5.5.

Using information from XRP‘s past performance in 2017, the analyst presented a graph showing XRP‘s price trends throughout the years. He discussed the smallest and quickest price increases that occurred when the 21-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) intersected with the 55-day Moving Average (MA).

In 2017, the value of the altcoin experienced a remarkable increase of around 903%, reaching $0.0646. By around 2021, this cryptocurrency underwent another significant rise, increasing by approximately 585% and surpassing the $1 mark in price.

Based on historical patterns, the price of XRP is expected to significantly increase by approximately 585.20% to around $3.26 in the year 2024, according to an analysis. If XRP can accomplish a price boost of 900% or 585%, it may potentially rise even higher to hit $5.5 or $4, respectively.

In contrast, Egrag Crypto has shared that XRP might not see significant price increases during the 2024 bull market if it doesn’t hit prices of $5 to $10 as its all-time high. However, the analyst remains optimistic about XRP‘s ability to achieve substantial growth and set new record-highs in the near future.

When Will XRP Witness A $5.5 Price Surge?

A crypto community member inquired about the timeframe for XRP‘s price to possibly reach $5.5. In response, Egrag Crypto expressed confidence that this upward trend could occur between April 2024 and July 2024. He encouraged XRP supporters to prepare for what could be an extremely bullish phase, emphasizing his strong conviction in XRP’s potential to reach new heights.

Although XRP has experienced some price decreases recently, with XRP currently priced at approximately $0.61, a positive outlook prevails among crypto experts. They anticipate an uptrend for XRP based on their analysis, despite its 1.77% decrease over the last day and 3.93% drop over the past week as per CoinMarketCap’s data.

Although the cryptocurrency has managed to break through barriers and rise above the $0.5 mark, it remains far from reaching its peak value of $3.84, which was attained back in 2018.

Crypto Analyst Predicts 600%-1000% Return For XRP, Here’s The Target

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2024-03-30 02:10