Chiliz Partners with Alchemy Pay to Expand Fiat-Crypto Payment Support for CHZ and Fan Tokens

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and digital assets, I’m excited about Chiliz’s latest partnership with Alchemy Pay. This collaboration has the potential to significantly expand the accessibility of Fan Tokens within the Chiliz ecosystem. With Alchemy Pay now supporting CHZ and 13 Fan Tokens, fans from all over the world can engage more seamlessly with their favorite teams using traditional fiat payment methods.

In a significant move for the sports and entertainment blockchain platform Chiliz, they have joined forces with Alchemy Pay to expand their capabilities in accepting conventional currency payments for digital assets. This partnership, as announced in a recent blog post on Medium, represents an essential step towards merging traditional finance with digital assets within the Chiliz community.

Enhanced Accessibility through Alchemy Pay Integration

Based on the news, Alchemy Pay now accepts CHZ and thirteen Fan Tokens – among them are ACM, ARG, and ATM. This expansion enables users to make purchases using mainstream payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, local mobile wallets, and bank transfers.

Through this integration, the reach of Fan Tokens on Chiliz expands, granting sports fans worldwide easier access to engage with their beloved teams in a more streamlined manner. By harnessing Alchemy Pay’s expansive global network and acceptance of over 50 fiat currencies in 173 countries, Chiliz aspires to transform and simplify fan experiences in the sports industry.

About Chiliz Fan Tokens

As a researcher studying digital assets and sports communities, I’d describe Fan Tokens as distinctive electronic commodities linked to specific sports clubs. Owners of these tokens enjoy unique perks and influencing powers within their teams, forging stronger connections between supporters and their favorite clubs. By employing CHZ tokens on, fans can acquire Fan Tokens, unlocking exclusive advantages.

Established by its CEO, Alexander Dreyfus, Chiliz stands out as a trailblazer in helping sports organizations capitalize on their fan bases while boosting fan interaction through Fan Tokens. Notable investors like FBG Capital, Binance, and OK Blockchain Capital have shown interest in this innovative platform.

Chiliz’s Growing SportsFi Ecosystem

Chiliz is broadening its SportFi network, bolstering its influence within the sports industry. The platform offers access to over 80 active Fan Tokens from esteemed teams such as FC Barcelona and Juventus, which can be obtained via

As a crypto investor in the Chiliz ecosystem, I’m excited about the advanced technology partners that form the backbone of this platform. Partners like Moralis, Tatum, and ANKR bring digital and real-world sports experiences closer together through their integrations. It’s not just about tokens with Chiliz; they also offer apps such as Blockasset and FanFest that boost fan engagement and reward loyalty among sports enthusiasts. The infrastructure for DeFi solutions and the metaverse-based platform under development will further enhance fan experiences in innovative ways.

Is CHZ Gearing Up for a Rally?

CHZ has exhibited positive indicators in recent times, backed by on-chain data revealing heightened activity from inactive wallets and a shrinking exchange supply. This could be an indicator of an upcoming price surge for CHZ. Notably, there were capitulation events observed on July 5 and July 8. During these periods, dormant wallets became more active, while the amount of CHZ held on exchanges lessened.

Indicators commonly used by investors often reflect a bullish outlook towards CHZ, which could lead to price increases. The RSI and AO, two technical indicators checked on the weekly chart, currently sit below their neutral levels. This indicates that there is still potential for further gains in CHZ’s price.

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2024-07-10 14:24