Blockchain Firm Unicoin Plans to Go Public in US Market

As a researcher with a background in finance and experience following the crypto market, I find Unicoin’s upcoming public listing intriguing. The company’s real-world asset backing sets it apart from other cryptocurrency projects, making it an interesting player in the industry.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to share that Unicoin, a company with a unique business model, is on the verge of becoming publicly traded in the US markets. This company differentiates itself by being backed by real-world assets, specifically real estate and equity in fast-growing businesses. By doing so, it aims to provide investors with the benefits of traditional asset classes while still maintaining the flexibility and potential for growth that comes with cryptocurrencies.

Based on a recent announcement, the company that initiated its initial public offering (IPO) in March 2024 is planning to broaden its business scope by becoming publicly traded again later in the year.

Path to Public Listing

As a financial analyst, I would put it this way: In February 2024, Unicoin disclosed its plans to become a publicly-traded company by filing an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their proposed transition.

CEO Alex Konanykhin of Unicoin mentioned in a recent missive to shareholders that the company is investigating multiple options to realize its ambition of going public. These possibilities encompass a direct listing, a reverse merger, and a conventional Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Konanykhin said in the letter that the listing could happen through any of the listed avenues.  However,  he is leaning towards reverse merger which he described as the fastest way to go public.

“The current market conditions present an opportune moment for cryptocurrency businesses to become publicly traded through a reverse merger. We are examining several companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, deemed suitable candidates for this type of transaction,” he explained.

Preparing for Public Debut

In my role as a researcher, I’d like to share that during a recent interview on Thursday, Konanykhin revealed Unicoin’s plans for a substantial marketing initiative. This campaign aims to boost the company’s visibility and pique the interest of prospective investors.

“Unicoin is gearing up for a robust marketing effort prior to our IPO. Our goal is to boost recognition and esteem for Unicoin by highlighting its distinct benefits, according to Konanykhin.”

When Unicoin unveils its offerings, it intends to present a new cryptocurrency named Unicorns. These security tokens, which have been under development since 2022 as indicated in the SEC’s filing, will be secured by Unicoin’s actual estate and equity assets.

Instead, Konanykhin explained that the worth of these digital assets isn’t reliant on the value of the underlying assets.

The company clarified that Unicoins don’t signify possession of any particular asset. Instead, their collection of assets, such as real estate, functions as security to bolster Unicoin’s standing as a prominent cryptocurrency and showcase its distinctive benefits.

Unicorn’s Crypto Token Already Available

Currently, investors have the opportunity to acquire Unicoins by utilizing the “exchange for real estate or other types of RWAs without spending cash” functions offered by the company instead.

Investors have the option to obtain the tokens through “Buy Now, Pay Later plans”, allowing them a five-year period to settle the payment.

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2024-06-27 15:37