Bitcoin Woes Not Over? Analyst Predicts Further Crash To $47,000

As a researcher with a background in cryptocurrencies, I’ve seen firsthand the intense volatility that comes with investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. While it’s true that many analysts remain bullish on Bitcoin in the long term, the sudden price drop below $54,000 on July 5 served as a reminder of the risks involved.

As an analyst, I’ve noticed that Bitcoin regained its footing above the $56,000 mark in recent hours, but a sudden dip below $54,000 on July 5 served as a stark reminder of the cryptocurrency’s inherent volatility. On a longer timeframe, Bitcoin has seen a decline of 7% over the past week and a more significant drop of 20.25% within the last thirty days.

Some crypto traders and analysts remain optimistic about a prolonged bull market, but the recent sharp price decline to around $53,000 didn’t catch others off guard. For instance, @TheFlowHorse, a well-known crypto trader, had identified $52,000 as his target, and Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, suggested the possibility of Bitcoin dipping down to $47,000.

Bitcoin Could Crash To $47,000

Ki Young Ju’s perspective holds that Bitcoin remains in an extended bull market phase, lasting until early 2025 based on larger timeframes. Many other Bitcoin price forecasts share this long-term optimism. However, investors and traders are currently grappling with short-term bearish trends.

According to Ki Young Ju’s perspective, the uncertainty in the crypto market raises the concern that the world’s primary digital currency could drop as low as $47,000. With the market showing a persistent downward trend since early June, this pessimistic outlook appears increasingly credible. Bitcoin has experienced significant losses, totaling billions in value, and investor trust is starting to falter.

$112K at the peak of the cycle.

— Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) July 5, 2024

Young Ju cautions traders against initiating large bets in the form of long or short positions, given his optimistic outlook for the long term. However, he emphasizes the need to consider the current market instability. Regarding Bitcoin’s future value, he foresees a peak price of $112,000 based on its realized market cap history since 2010.

Bitcoin Woes Not Over? Analyst Predicts Further Crash To $47,000

Bearish Case For Bitcoin

Currently, Bitcoin is priced at $56,520 and has experienced a 4.67% surge since dipping below $54,000 earlier. However, there’s a looming threat of additional price drops due to massive whale sell-offs totaling over $1.7 billion in Bitcoin during the past month. An unexpected development comes from defunct exchange Mt. Gox, which is now transferring bitcoins to its creditors after a decade-long hiatus. This action will release approximately $2.71 billion worth of Bitcoin into circulation, potentially exacerbating selling pressure in the market.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I cannot rule out the possibility of a price drop for Bitcoin. A 16% decrease from the current level would place its value at around $47,000. Market observers remain on edge, keeping close tabs on July’s price action as this month has traditionally shown positive trends in the past for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Woes Not Over? Analyst Predicts Further Crash To $47,000

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