Analysts Says Cardano Has Bottomed And Will Rally To $0.8, But It Must Hold This Level

As an experienced crypto analyst, I have closely monitored Cardano’s price movements and market trends for quite some time. The recent discovery of a falling wedge pattern in Cardano’s daily time frame chart by Captain Faibik and Zayk Charts has piqued my interest and raised optimism about the potential rebound of this cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency expert has identified a fresh technical indication in Cardano‘s price fluctuations, implying the possibility of a significant recovery. In agreement with this bullish perspective, another analyst asserts that Cardano might have reached its lowest point and is poised for a rebound towards $0.8.

Analyst Declares Cardano’s Price Bottom

On June 29th, via a post on what was previously known as Twitter, Captain Faibik, an accomplished crypto analyst, offered his perspectives on Cardano’s current price trends and future prospects. The expert identified that the native token of Cardano, ADA, appeared to be shaping a falling wedge configuration in its daily chart analysis.

Analysts Says Cardano Has Bottomed And Will Rally To $0.8, But It Must Hold This Level

A falling wedge pattern represents a distinctive technical configuration signaling the conclusion of a consolidation period and the possible onset of a reversal or progression trend in the cryptocurrency market. This downward sloping triangle formation frequently suggests that a digital currency has reached its lowest point or swing low, making it an optimistic signal for investors.


As a crypto investor following Faibik’s analysis, I’d like to share with you his prediction based on the Cardano price chart from September 2023 to August 2024. According to him, we can expect Cardano to break out of its correction phase soon. This anticipated surge could potentially reach a significant gain of 72.84%. Therefore, it’s essential for Cardano investors to stay attentive and closely monitor this critical price area.


As a researcher studying cryptocurrency trends, I’ve come across an observation shared by another analyst, known as Zayk Charts on various platforms. We both notice the intriguing falling wedge pattern emerging in Cardano’s chart. According to his analysis, this pattern could potentially lead to a significant price surge of around 40% to 50% for Cardano once it breaks out.

Cardano Rebound Potential Tied To Crucial Level

Should Cardano manage to break free from the confines of its falling wedge formation, it may potentially soar towards the $0.8 mark. Notably, ‘Crypto Feras’, an astute crypto analyst, has pinpointed a significant support level that Cardano needs to uphold in order to facilitate its predicted bullish recovery.

Analysts Says Cardano Has Bottomed And Will Rally To $0.8, But It Must Hold This Level

In the price chart of Crypto Feras, the significant support level for Cardano was underscored at $0.4251 using a yellow highlight by the analyst. A drop below this level could result in a steep fall for Cardano, potentially leading its price to fresh lows around $0.24.

From the start of this year, Cardano’s price has been on a significant slide, with regular drops even in favorable market situations and high volatility. In contrast, altcoins such as Solana and Ethereum have seen substantial growth. However, Cardano fails to keep pace, persistently trading below the $1 mark.

From my research perspective, the current value of the cryptocurrency is at $0.39 with a minor daily rise of 3.24% as market instability subsides. Notably, its trading volume in the last 24 hours has significantly escalated by nearly 25%.

As the Cardano Chang hard fork draws near, there’s growing excitement in the cryptocurrency community about potential price movements. Many analysts are hopeful, citing the emergence of a falling wedge pattern as a promising sign for bulls. One analyst projects that if this pattern is broken, Cardano could experience a substantial price increase, potentially reaching between $0.46 and $0.81 by year-end.

Analysts Says Cardano Has Bottomed And Will Rally To $0.8, But It Must Hold This Level

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2024-07-01 23:10