Analysts Say XRP Price Is Ready To Breakout, Here Are The Targets

A cryptocurrency expert named Egrag Crypto has shared his prediction that the XRP price may soon experience a significant surge. He further provided potential price levels that the XRP token might reach during a successful price rise.

XRP Price Could Rise To As High As $0.78

In a recent update on his X (previously Twitter) account, Egrag indicated that the anticipated price range for XRP lies between $0.702 and $0.786. Yet, he neglected to specify when this potential price surge might occur. Furthermore, there’s a chance of a brief decline in value, but this setback won’t affect XRP‘s overall growth trend.

According to the chart presented by Egrag, XRP may reach a long-term goal of $7.5. He identified this price point as significant, potentially indicating even greater heights for XRP during this bull market. Previously, Egrag had estimated that XRP could peak at an impressive $27 during the current market cycle.

A more moderate prediction from crypto analyst Egrag puts XRP‘s potential price at $5, while some believe the digital asset could reach as high as $27. The latter forecast appears optimistic to many XRP investors, who may prefer focusing on Egrag’s more conservative outlook. Recently, Egrag made a bold statement that XRP is poised for a significant increase, potentially reaching a new record-high of $5.5 – representing a potential gain of over 1000%.

Egrag added that the cryptocurrency token is expected to climb towards the $5 price mark between this month and July. Notably, Egras predicted back in January that XRP would hit $5 within the next 90 days, implying that it should reach this price point around this month.

Will April Be Another Unfulfilling Month For XRP Holders?

XRP investors may remain wary despite Egrag’s optimistic outlook, which could materialize this month. Previously, there were grand expectations for XRP among crypto analysts like Crypto Rover, who predicted a significant surge in March.

Despite the cryptocurrency market surging forward in March with notable price increases at various instances, XRP failed to follow suit. This underperformance during the month served as a reminder of its lackluster performance since the start of the year, with a YTD (Year-to-Date) loss of over 4%.

Currently, XRP is priced approximately at $0.58 during my writing process, representing a decline in value over the past 24 hours as indicated by CoinMarketCap’s statistics.

Analysts Say XRP Price Is Ready To Breakout, Here Are The Targets

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2024-04-04 00:04