Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin: Set Next Target At $82,000

Once more, Bitcoin‘s price surged strongly, shattering the $70,000 mark, showing determination for further growth.

Bitcoin At $82,000 Remains The Target

After a positive turnaround today, noted cryptocurrency guru and Bitcoin supporter, Crypto Jelle, has predicted a bullish trend for crypto assets, pointing to a potential short-term value of $82,000.

Crypto Jelle highlighted that after a fakeout, Bitcoin retested the cycle highs of 2021, bounced, and then broke out once more. According to the analyst, BTC now has just one more obstacle to surpass as a result of the retest.

He also believes that Bitcoin will initiate its surge past new records once it successfully passes the $71,500 mark. Consequently, this crypto expert forecasts an imminent uptrend with a projected price of approximately $82,000 as the next milestone.

Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin: Set Next Target At $82,000

Jelle has brought up an important topic in the cryptocurrency world. Some people are still worried about the possible next 3% price fluctuation, while the long-term chart suggests a more encouraging outlook. Therefore, Jelle advises investors to remain patient and continue holding onto their investments. The crypto asset seems set for substantial growth over the next few months.

The expected halving of the coin this month may lead to a quick realization of Jelle’s forecast regarding its impact. Historically, such events have had a notable influence on the coin.

Based on historical patterns, this year’s Bitcoin halving might lead to a significant price increase. Some experts predict that the price could reach $82,000 within weeks, and potentially even go beyond $150,000 by the end of the year.

Currently, Bitcoin is priced at $70,344 during my writing, marking a 1.84% gain over the previous 24 hours. Additionally, its market capitalization and trading volume have grown by 1.87% and 13% respectively within the last day.

Speculated Price Target For BTC This Month

After Bitcoin’s price bounced back, several analysts have become optimistic about its future direction, with one of them being Adrian Zidanic, who expects Bitcoin to exceed $80,000.

On Thinking Crypto’s latest episode, Tony Edward highlighted Zidanic’s observation. In this period of Bitcoin’s price consolidation, an optimistic bullish pattern called an ascending triangle is developing according to Zidanic’s prediction.

According to Zidani’s prediction, a significant price increase is imminent, with the goal of reaching $86,500. However, it’s more probable than not that this optimistic outcome will materialize within the next month.

Looking at the graph, Edward voiced his confidence that the mentioned price would increase following the halving event. He thought it could reach up to $90,000, emphasizing his predicted range of $85,000 to $90,000 and encouraging the community to stay patient.

Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin: Set Next Target At $82,000

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2024-04-11 19:16